Blankets Sudaderos and Salvacruces

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Polar Fleece Hip Blanket

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-€5.12 Price €18.17
Renal blanket for horses, made of polar fabric that protects against cold without being uncomfortable. Perfect to wear both before and after competition or for a ride. With a chair slot that will allow you to ride with the blanket on. Very easy to put on and take off. Easy to wash....
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Marjoman Round Numnah

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Colours: Green, Yellow, Maroon,Red, Brown, Black and White and Yellow.
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Waterproof blanket Zaldi 1200D Resistant

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-€22.26 Price €49.58
The Waterproof blanket Zaldi 1200D Resistant p it guides the horse from the cold and the rain, offering freedom of movement. Characteristics Waterproof blanket: It protects the horse from the cold and rain. 1200D (deniers): Very resistant to tearing and abrasion. Breathable...
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Summer blanket Zaldi with design Cebra

Regular price €37.76
-€11.32 Price €26.44
Elegant and comfortable summer blanket Zaldi with a zebra design. Made of light, breathable fabric with an original zebra pattern. Perfect for the summer. It has front folds, 2 front buckles and lower straps. Size: S (125) , M (135), L (145) and XL (155).
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Polar blanket with ribbon

Regular price €29.02
-€8.36 Price €20.65
Polar blanket with excellent value for money. You can also use it to dry the horse. It includes: Lower laces. two front locks. Folds on the front legs for added comfort. The materials: EXTERIOR. - Polar coating 250 g/m2. this is 100% polyester. Cross-stitch it....
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Compensator with Alfagel

Regular price €53.71
-€19.01 Price €34.70
The fantastic Compensator with Alfagel it's made with high-quality products. Characteristics Length (support surface): 52 cm Maximum height: 25 cm
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Cloth summer blanket with crossed laces

Regular price €36.69
-€3.64 Price €33.05
Cloth summer blanket with crossed laces Made from top quality cotton, breathable. Spring and summer special. Sizes: 135, 140, 145 and 155 cm. Colors: Blue/White and Red/White.
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Anti-sweat Rug with Neck Protector and Fly Mask

Regular price €58.84
-€9.26 Price €49.58
Type sheet rug with neck's protection and fly mask, that will protect your horse against insects bites. Size: one fits all. Colour: light grey/dark grey.
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Waterproof blanket Eskadron

Regular price €204.88
-€143.73 Price €61.15
The blanket for waterproof horses Eskadron it is an essential garment for the protection and comfort of your horse in all kinds of weather conditions. Designed to the highest standards of quality and performance, this blanket offers a number of key advantages to ensure your horse's health and...