Covers for Cañas

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Funding Vercelli Spartana Pro 160 cm

Price €34.70
The rigid reed cover Vercelli Spartana Pro is the perfect accessory to transport and protect your surfing rods casting. Made of 600 Deniers resistant nylon, this cover guarantees lasting protection for your rods while you are moving. Highlights: Durable material: Made of 600 Deniers...
  • -€5.97

Funda Vercelli Supra

Regular price €71.25
-€5.97 Price €65.28
The Vercelli Supra cover has the following characteristics: Rigid padded surfcasting case. High-strength fabric and long-pass laminated zipper for better resistance to salty environments. 2 side pockets. 2 sizes: 150x20x15 cm and 160x20x15 cm.
  • -€11.54

Funding Shimano Surf Hard

Regular price €74.34
-€11.54 Price €62.80
The Funding Shimano Surf Hard is the perfect choice to safely transport your cane surfcasting without riding. Its rigid outer sheath design protects your canes from bumps and falls, ensuring they reach your destination in perfect condition. With a carrying capacity of 2 rods, this case offers...
  • -€14.02

Funding Shimano Surf Rod

Regular price €95.00
-€14.02 Price €80.98
The Funding Shimano Surf Rod it's the perfect accessory to transport your canes safely and comfortably. Its design is designed to keep the reeds unmounted, with padded internal dividers protecting each of them. The Funding Shimano Surf Rod has two additional side compartments for storing...
  • -€14.02

Funding Shimano Surf Ready for 3 Canes

Regular price €95.00
-€14.02 Price €80.98
The Funding Shimano Surf Ready for three is the ideal accessory for transporting your fishing rods safely and conveniently. With a clever internal design that includes 2 padded splitters, this case creates 3 individual sections for your reeds, with deep areas to accommodate reels and larger...

Daiwa Soft Cover for 3-Section Rods

Price €18.59
The Daiwa soft cover for 3-section rods is ideal for surfcasting rods , protecting the most sensitive sections. Opens completely with a corrosion resistant ZIP zipper. It includes 2 separating pockets for the sections of the most sensitive rods and the heel is stored in the center. It...
  • -€13.19

Shimano All-Round Double Rod Holdall Case

Regular price €74.34
-€13.19 Price €61.15
The Shimano All-Round Double Rod Holdall Cover has the following features: Space to carry 2 rods due to its reinforced interior. It has a compartment for the reel. It has a side pocket for an umbrella. It can be carried with the shoulder strap or with a hand grip. It is made with...
  • -€3.31


Regular price €22.90
-€3.31 Price €19.59
Fully equipped rod case. It includes a big central pouch and two additional external pouches. Very complete. Dimensions: 150 cm.


Price €16.28
Wide capacity, handy, perfect to carry several fishing rods and reels at a time. It includes an external pocket and double transport strap, for an effortless carriage of your equipment. Length: 120 cm.
  • -€7.69


Regular price €36.60
-€7.69 Price €28.92
It's a rigid corduroy tube for canes. Para full protection Rigid tube, externally protected with high-density cord with transport handle. Three models: Para flies: Length: 139 cm. Diameter: two inches. Para of a kind used in motor vehicles Length: 145 cm. Diameter: two inches. Para...
  • -€4.04


From Regular price €23.13
-€4.04 Price €19.09
More room Very strong professional corduroy nylon case with reinforced bottom. It features Velcro fasteners for several reel-mounted reeds, outer bag of a kind used in motor vehicles of a kind used in motor vehicles like a backpack or a trash can.
  • -€3.67

Case number rods

Regular price €24.00
-€3.67 Price €20.33
Cordura nylon case for several rods Very resistant and with reinforced bottom. Features : Ideal for transporting several rods. Central closure by zipper and two outer bags with velcro closure. Outside pocket with 2 fastening tapes. With adjustable straps for transport to the...
  • -€8.27

Funda Cinnetic Profesional

Regular price €81.82
-€8.27 Price €73.55
The Cinnetic Professional case has a central compartment plus two side pockets of 138cm, both with zipper. In addition to a tripod-like aluminum leg system that allows the case to stand without getting dirty or having to bend over. The legs are reinforced aluminum 14mm in diameter and the...
  • -€9.10

Funding Cinnetic Concept

Regular price €61.98
-€9.10 Price €52.88
The case Cinnetic Concept has a centre compartment plus a side pocket of 150 cm, both with zipper. Size: 160x16x15 cm Size of pocket: 150x6x11 cm

Cinne Advanced Case

Price €65.28
The Cinnetic Advanced case has a central compartment plus two 138cm side pockets, both with zipper. Size: 160x21x15 cm Pocket size: 138x6x11 cm
  • -€2.49

Funding Cinnetic Advanced double

Regular price €80.17
-€2.49 Price €77.68
The case Cinnetic Advanced double for surfing rods is developed for competition and leisure. Thanks to its double front compartment it has a huge storage capacity in a more orderly and safe way. The zippers are high quality with custom rubber pulls. Size: 167x28x15 cm
  • -€25.21

Funda 3150 Kali Kunnan Extreme

Regular price €82.23
-€25.21 Price €57.02
The 3150 Kali Kunnan Extreme Case has the following features: Hard plastic inner reinforcement Shoulder strap Carry handle Double carriage zipper Two side pockets (15 x 129cm) of great capacity, for spades, "T" and the like. Size:: 26 x 15 x 14
  • -€16.94

Rigida Rod Case

Regular price €59.00
-€16.94 Price €42.06
Hard case Rod. Characteristics: Side pocket with zipper. Rounded upper shape. In shape for reeds with reel. Bottom of rigid plastic. Adjustable shoulder strap and carrying handle. Pocket and inner velcro cords.
  • -€5.21

Case for Canes Lineaeffe Carpa

Regular price €29.50
-€5.21 Price €24.29
The Lineaeffe Carpa shoulder holster has 2 side pockets. Size 195x25 cm.
  • -€7.56

Cover for Cane Lineaefffe Carpa 3

Regular price €37.30
-€7.56 Price €29.74
The Lineaeffe Imbottito shoulder bag for rods has 2 side compartments. Size 195x30cm.
  • -€4.16

Lineaeffe Porta Cañas Backpack Cover

Regular price €23.90
-€4.16 Price €19.74
The Lineaeffe backpack cover for reel rods , has two handles to transport the rods with their reels comfortably like a backpack, it has two side pockets. Dimensions: Length 125 cm X Width 25 cm.
  • -€19.32

Lineaeffe Ferrari Rigid 2 Compartment Cover

Regular price €72.20
-€19.32 Price €52.88
Lineaeffe Ferrari rigid case for rod and reel, with capacity to store and transport two rods with their reels. Length: 165cm.