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Fully equipped rod case. It includes a big central pouch and two additional external pouches. Very complete. Dimensions: 150 cm.
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Comfortable and sturdy


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Maximum efficiency. Size: 100 x 67 mm.
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Floating Fish Grippers atrapapeces

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The Floating Fish Grippers holds the fish safely, to avoid injury to the fish and the fish keeper. Easy to operate with one hand. Simple release mechanism. Corrosion resistant, durable, plastic for easy cleaning and floating. Available in two sizes: 15 and 23 cm.
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Rapala Deep Tail Dancer 11RH Lure

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The Rapala Deep Tail Dancer 11RH lure in its design has been fitted with an extended and extreme diving bib, this takes the lure to a depth of nine meters without any help. Its body has the peculiar shape of a banana with a wide tail. Characteristics: Its swimming originates thanks...

White Depth

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The Aquadive Deeper used for light curricane fishing, are attractive for their low frequency sound and for the animation they give to the lures. It comes in two sizes. Size A: 18 cm Size B: 21 cm