Boots and Waders

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Waist Wader Seland Avacitrans

Regular price €128.93
-€3.31 Price €125.61
The Seland Avacitrans waist wader has the following features: Breathable waist wader with keblar seat and knee pads. Double inside pocket. Adjustable belt. Neoprene sock and breathable gaiter included. Transport bag (with mesh fabric to favor the ventilation of the suit).
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Breathing water Seland H3-BTX-SINC

Regular price €195.87
-€27.28 Price €168.59
The breathable waders Seland H3-BTX-SINC has the following characteristics: Breathable washer made of 3 layers of FINETEX material. Socks made of 5 mm neoprene laminated with 5 mm nylon (high grammage and strength). Double pocket on the inside. Adjustable elastic straps with PVC...
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Breathing water Seland H8-C

Regular price €245.45
-€64.46 Price €180.99
The SELAND H8-C TRANSPIRABLE Vadeator meets all the conditions to become your favorite fishing garment. Maximum freedom of movement + Total protection Forget the limitations of movement and experience total freedom with this breathable and light vadeator: its 3 layers on top they give you...
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Vadeador Seland Avapin

Regular price €245.45
-€42.98 Price €202.47
The Vadeador Sealand Avapin has the following characteristics: Manufactured from 5 mm neoprene. Front pocket with Velcro and hand warmers. Adjustable belt with lumbar support. Knee pads of high strength neoprene and polyurethane (anti-abrasion). Sewn on the outside and sealed...
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High Boots Lineaeffe Stivale Coscia

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-€3.31 Price €38.01
The boots Highs Lineaeffe Stivale Coscia they are exceptional shoes made of PVC that offer unparalleled comfort and versatility. Designed to cover the upper leg, these adjustable boots are ideal for various outdoor activities. Their careful construction and focus on comfort make them...
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Vadeador Lineaeffe PVC

Regular price €40.49
-€7.44 Price €33.05
The winding Lineaeffe PVC it is strong and flexible, suitable for both fishing and hunting. It has adjustable straps for greater comfort, with elastic seams under the arms, for freedom of movement. The boots are high with reinforced soles, for different levels depending on their use.

Wafer Lineaeffe Neoprene 4mm

Price €139.66
The Lineaeffe Neoprene 4mm wader has the following characteristics: 4.5 mm neoprene high boot. Rubber sole. Front pocket. Knee reinforcements. Includes repair kit.

Vadeardor Lineaeffe Stivale

Price €38.83
Comfortable and practical wader from the prestigious manufacturer Lineaeffe The Lineaeffe Stivale wader includes a double PVC high boot, with a reinforced sole to guarantee maximum durability and total comfort. Maximum quality at the minimum price.
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Hart nails for Wading Boot

Regular price €4.75
-€0.63 Price €4.12
Hart Wading boot nails are specific for wading boots. Made of galvanized steel. They are self-screwing. Contains 20 nails.
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Seland Tungsten Nails Kit

The unit costs 1,40 €
Regular price €37.18
-€9.09 Price €28.09
Seland nails have a tungsten grip tip, normal thread. Includes a key to facilitate assembly and removal. Pack: 20 units + key.
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Seland HQ Tungsten Nail Kit

The unit costs 1,24 €
Regular price €27.27
-€2.49 Price €24.79
The Seland nails has the tip of tungsten grip, and endless thread. Includes a key to facilitate assembly and removal. Pack: 20 units + key.
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Wader Seland 3/5 Layers

Regular price €245.45
-€30.59 Price €214.87
The Seland wader is made with breathable material with 3 layers in the upper part and 5 layers in the lower part (double polyester in the outer-reinforced layer). Characteristics: Vertical front closure with waterproof zipper. Adjustable belt with PVC waist bag to store accessories....
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Neopreno vacuum cleaner Seland Avatam Female

Regular price €100.83
-€11.58 Price €89.25
The neoprene waders Seland The Avatam for women, it has the following characteristics: This is a 5 mm range neoprene flapper. Neoprene shoelaces. Knee reinforcements made of PVC. The inside pocket. Separate belt. Rubber boot with taco sole. A carrying bag. Composition:...
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Boots Hart Wading

Regular price €98.35
-€2.49 Price €95.86
The boots Hart Wading they are ideal for fishing under the sea method of spinning . What. It has a automatic closure by thread on the front of the boot, no strings attached. This model comes in various sizes to choose from and in black with red details. Characteristics It 's...
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Hart Aircross Wader Neoprene Studs

Regular price €74.37
-€10.74 Price €63.63
The Hart Aircross Tacos Neoprene wader has a thickness of 4.5 mm in total, comes in various sizes to choose from and in olive green to perfectly camouflage with nature. It has been manufactured with high quality materials and reinforced in strategic areas like the knees to promote...

Vadeador Hart Strong

Price €45.45
The waders Hart Strong it comes in various sizes to choose from and in green for perfectly camouflaged with nature . What. It has been manufactured with of nylon/PVC with a soft laminate to the touch, silent and robust. Characteristics Count on hot-welded seams and sealed...
  • -€74.38

H6-BTX breathable washer with felt sole

Regular price €247.93
-€74.38 Price €173.55
High protection New wade made from a new breathable material. It features high abrasion resistance reinforcements in the heel and in the knee-spines, new vulcanized rubber boot with inner neoprene of 5 mm and felt sole, double inner pocket and adjustable belt with lumbar support. Transport...
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Regular price €49.58
-€12.40 Price €37.18
The most economic and resistant wader! With ultra resistant seams, adjustable braces, inside pocket, adjustable belt and special-sole boot, guarantees maximum durability and the best grip. Only available in sizes 40 and 41.
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Boots Seland Neoprene

Regular price €42.15
-€6.62 Price €35.53
Neoprene boot Seland are 4 mm with zipper, thick sole and reinforcement in tip and heel.