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Semi-dry diving suit Scubapro Nova Scotia 7.5 mm Señora

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The new semi-dry Nova Scotia buffalo suits are made of neoprene Everflex a water-repellent diameter of 7,5 mm, formulated with X-foam , greener and healthy. With water drainage Diamond Span and insulating interior. The result is a suit with EC thermal protection class A approval, it offers...
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Monopieza Scubapro Definition 7mm Lady

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The Scubapro Definition 7mm Hooded One-Piece is an ultra-modern cold-water diving suit, packed with convenient features and halfway between traditional one-piece and semi-dry suits. Its design is inspired by the popular 6.5mm Definition one-piece, but is made from thicker, more elastic neoprene...
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Scuba suit Scubapro Definition W Madam

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The swimsuit Scubapro Definition W Madam combines a special sewing method to create a suit that fits with new, longer fist and ankle zippers to gain in comfort. It is highly warm and comfortable, for its manufacture with N2S (2-sided nylon) of proven effectiveness, for diving in warm waters....
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Shorty's swimsuit Scubapro Definition Lady

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The shorty swimsuit Scubapro Definition Lady it's short and offers more comfort and elasticity to warm-climate divers. Made with proven N2S (2-sided nylon), it provides great comfort and warmth in warm water, and is also suitable as an undergarment. Specifications Suit assembled with...
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Scubapro Rash Guard Short Sleeve Women's T-shirt

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The Scubapro Rush Guard T-shirt , designed for diving, is also ideal for other water sports and activities. Elegant design and short sleeves, are made of polyester, making them snug, lightweight, comfortable, and quick drying. Protect against chafing and abrasions In addition, they offer 50...
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Hybride Scubapro 6mm Women's Vest

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The Scubapro Hybride Shorty fits perfectly with all Scubpro wetsuit ranges. It has a modern and universal design, short sleeves and shorts similar in length to cycling shorts. It has multi-use functionality , since it can be used as an oversuit or shorty. It is made of highly elastic,...