Nose clip Zoggs

Price €5.70
The innovative clamp for the nose of Zoggs it's the essential accessory that takes your water experience to the next level. Designed with meticulous attention to detail and manufactured with the most advanced materials, this clamp guarantees not only a comfortable fit but also exceptional...
  • -€4.92

Towel Zoggs Swimming pool

Regular price €14.79
-€4.92 Price €9.88
The swimming towel Zoggs is meticulously made from 100% cotton of the highest quality , and boasts of a exceptional absorption capacity accompanied by unparalleled fast drying . Its generous dimensions, with a size of 140 cm x 70 cm , they provide fantastic coverage that will transform...
  • -€9.02

Other Zoggs Front

Regular price €24.71
-€9.02 Price €15.69
Discover a new dimension in your water training with the Front tube Zoggs. This innovative accessory has been designed to redefine the way you relate to water, allowing you to perfect your technique and concentrate on your movements without the usual distractions. Tired of having to turn...
  • -€4.96

Mares Training Table

Regular price €16.52
-€4.96 Price €11.56
The Mares Training board has a hydrodynamic and ergonomic design. Made of resistant EVA foam.