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Backpack Chiruca for mushrooms

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Polyester backpack designed for collecting mushrooms and fungi, perfect for nature lovers, adventure and outdoor sports. It can be carried on the back or crossed with bandolera; it also has a carrying handle Adjusters on the chest Side pockets Other, of circular cross-section...
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Mochila Setas Aracena

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The Aracena Mushroom Backpack is the ideal complement for collecting mushrooms. This phenomenal backpack-basket made of nylon has a capacity of 35 liters. Its main characteristics are: Capacity: 35 liters. Made of nylon. Netted base to allow sporation. Removable metal frame....

Forest Mushroom Backpack

Price €73.55
The Forest mushroom collection backpack is made half in fabric and half in mesh. The backpack is in accordance with the law. Features: Padded back with 4 bearings. Chest strap Shoulder straps and adjustable belt. Equipped with two side gusset pockets, a bottle pocket to keep...
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Mushroom Picking Backpack

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Enjoy mycology with this light and complete backpack for collecting mushrooms , which incorporates a breathable bottom for the release of spores. Dimensions: 31 x 45 x 28 cm.