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Semiautomatic Carbine Savage 64 G-SR - 22 LR Wood With Thread



The Savage 64 G-SR - 22 LR Wood Semiautomatic Carbine With Thread is precise and reliable, it has a threaded barrel, action with a stylized appearance, metal sights, bolt handle, mass inertia locking system , sliding safety with large knurled knob, bright red dot, single strand metal magazine, hardwood stock, and mounts for slingshot rings.


  • Action: Semi-automatic.
  • Barrel length: 53 cm.
  • Finish: Wood.
  • Caliber: 22LR.
  • Overall length: 1016mm.
  • Weight: 2270g.
  • Groove pitch: 1:16.
  • Magazine capacity: 10.
  • SAVAGE 64 G-SR WITH 22 LR THREAD: Precise and reliable thanks to its characteristics.
  • Threaded barrel: 533 mm (21”), sports type, made of carbon steel with the “button rifling” technique in which Savage is a specialist, and finished at its end by a thread with thread passing through. 1/2×20 and thread cover.
  • Action: Slim look, as it is elongated and slightly thicker than the diameter of the barrel, which helps keep the weight of the rifle to a minimum, at just 2.27 kg.
  • Metal sights: On the action.
  • Bolt handle: On the right side of the action, equipped at its end with a knurl to facilitate operation.
  • Locking system by mass inertia: Usual system in weapons that use this cartridge, and after the last shot, the bolt does not remain open. To lock the action open, the latching handle must be retracted to a specific point along the action and then pushed into a notch to engage.
  • Large Knurled Knob Slide Safety: Located on the right side of the action, above the trigger, for safe operation. Pushing it back activates the trigger lock safety, and pushing it forward deactivates it so the rifle fires.
  • Bright red dot: Can be seen when the rifle is in "fire" condition
  • Single row metal magazine: With a capacity of 10 cartridges, which makes it protrude approximately 38 mm (1.5”) from the bottom of the stock. It's easy to load and has a bright red plastic tile, which makes it easier to see through the ejection port if it's empty. Also, the magazine release button is located just in front of the magazine compartment and must be pushed up to release it.
  • Hardwood stock: From Boyds.
  • Supports: For slingshot rings.
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