Mannlicher CL II SX with Rivet Rifle



New Austrian rifle with a very soft bolt. The direct, hairy trigger allows very precise shots. Cold-fired steel cannon. It is available in 270, 30.06, 270 WSM, 300 Win Magy and 7 mm Rem Mag.

New Austrian rifle with a very soft bolt. The direct and hairy trigger allows very precise shots. Cold-fired steel cannon.

Soft and secure SBS lock with tear gasket.

Extreme safety in manual weapon lock, highly silent.

Cover with anti-slip inserts reinforced with metal pillars, high-density polymer that makes it very resistant to bumps and scratches.

CharacteristicsThe following:

  • Cold hammered steel cannon.
  • Dark green synthetic coat with non-slip inserts.
  • Single-shot with hair.
  • High security SBS lock.
  • Removable charger.

Locks Mannlicher SBS (safe bolt system)

The SBS lock, developed and patented by STEYR MANNLICHER, is one of the safest concepts in the world. If an overpressured cartridge is fired or if there is an obstruction in the barrel, the shooter is protected from possible physical damage from gas leakage or mechanical breakage.

Locking characteristicsThe following:

  • Waste grooves: andspecial grooves in the body of the bolt ensure reliable closure even in extreme conditions of ice or mud.
  • Percussion needle: andn the back of the bolt protrudes the back of the needle when the weapon is mounted, so you have visual and tactile control of the weapon condition.
  • Lock closingithe SBS design closure nipples are extremely strong and close directly behind the cartridge butt on the frame.
  • Lock knob: lthe lock knob can be folded and locked over the mechanism drawer.
  • Safety helmet: uhowever, the SBS system uses an additional safety cap that fully encapsulates the nipples and the extractor. Consequently, the user is fully protected against any gas leakage from overpressured cartridges that may be fired unknowingly.
  • Cannon length: 56 or 63.5 cm depending on the caliber.
  • Approximate weight: It weighs 3,350 kg.

Also available without sights.
If you would like to know the price in other sizes, call us at 981 17 91 00 or email us

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Question: Este rifle. ? Está disponible con cerrojo a la izquierda para zurdos en calibre 7 Rem. magnum. ?Tiene algún recargo
José María Gil-Delgado Leyún
Answer: Hola, este rifle si está disponible para zurdo y con respecto al recargo un poco mas que para diestro, pero para mayor información envíenos un mail con su tlf y horario de disponibilidad y nosotros le llamamos para resolver sus dudas, gracias.
Álvarez, sport and free time
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