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Swarovski Z8i 1.7-13.3X42 4A-i Viewfinder



Perfect design and vision of the future
Swarovski Z8 series scopes have redefined what performance means, with a sleek tube and the sharpness that Swarovski Optik is known for. The 8x magnification combines a large field of view with great precision for details. Combined with expertly crafted optics, the new viewfinder enables the finest detail to be recognized thanks to its high magnification, unmatched image definition across the entire field of view, and exceptional viewing comfort that facilitates rapid detection of prey.
Perfect design: compact center tube design with clean lines. Getting the powerful 8x magnification to fit into a slim 30mm tube means an unprecedented weight reduction. The lighting unit has been ergonomically designed to be able to effortlessly control everything that is happening around you, including large buttons that make it easy to operate the viewfinder from above, quickly and reliably.
Versatility : The Swarovski Z8i adapts to any hunting situation. With the ballistic turret (sold separately), easy to mount, a very powerful 8x magnification and its reticle, make this scope a tremendously versatile model. It incorporates the new FLEXCHANGE reticle that has been developed specifically for hunting and has a luminous ring that is activated and deactivated with the push of a button. In this way the reticle adapts to any hunting and lighting conditions.
Ballistic turret (optional, sold separately) for Z8 scopes :
The ballistic turret designed by Swarovski for the Z8 series scopes can be configured separately using three different types of rings.
You do not need tools for assembly.
It can be used as a top or side turret, and can be combined with all available grids. This allows you to always have the target within your shot at the desired distances.
If used as a top turret, it can compensate for bullet drop, and when used as a side turret, it allows you to adjust wind resistance or calculate firing distance.
It has a locking mechanism that prevents accidental turning.
The Z8i parallax turret allows you to obtain a parallax-free image, which can be adjusted even while in shooting position.
An indicator at the 100m mark allows you to adjust the parallax turret easily and reliably, even at dusk when lighting conditions are most critical.
The 1,7-13,3X42 model is a versatile scope adapted for hunting and stalking. It combines a remarkable field of vision for hunting with a lightweight design, making it also ideal for hunting in the mountains.


  • Magnification: 1.7 - 13.3x
  • 42mm front lens
  • Tube (mm) 30
  • Available grids: 4Ai, 4A-300, 4A-IF
  • Mounts available: Rail and rings
  • Weight 620 g
  • Length 33.6 cm
  • Twilight factor 4.8 - 23.6
  • Field of view at 100 m 25.2 - 3.1
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Question: buenos días comprando este visor cogéis el que yo tengo es un z6 1-6-24 reticula no iluminada en perfecto estado un saludo
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