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Perfect for competition or daily training Beech wood layers for the tree, reinforced with a stainless steel frame. Safety stainless steel stirrup bars. Latex rubber panels, coated with boxcalf leather . Sizes: 17". Approximate weight: 6 Kg. Colours: black, brown, london and havana....
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Wheelchair Zaldi Military-Special

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The marching and raid chair Zaldi Military-Special it's perfect for long trips. Duck-tail type saddle with a longer frame allowing a better distribution of the rider's weight on the horse. ARMURANCE WITH 10 YEARS OF GARANTIA Made in Spain, top quality. Material: specially selected European...

Juguete Balón Para Caballo

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El Juguete Balón para Caballo con Asa es una opción de entretenimiento excepcional para tu compañero equino. Este innovador balón está diseñado para proporcionar horas de diversión y ejercicio para tu caballo. Una de las características destacadas de este juguete es su asa incorporada. Esta...
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English stirrup Zaldi with help to get up

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The English stirrup Zaldi with help to get up it's a classic-style, chrome-plated stirrup, ideal for use in any english riding discipline. The step is 12 cm and the support has a 14 cm high and a 15 cm wide .
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Removable musket Zaldi Bag 6 of you

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The Removable musket Zaldi Bag 6 of you it provides the best grip. Characteristics Musket: It's removable. Step by step: 25 mm wide. Length: two inches. The bag: 6 units.

Leather Bat Wing Zaldi Extra

The Baticola wing Zaldi it's a sheet of metal lined with leather and sewn. Easy placement (hangs between the bars, in the chair channel).
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Box for cleaning supplies Zaldi Panaro Candy

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The Useful cleaning box Zaldi Panaro Candy it is a complete and durable solution to keep all the essential accessories for your horse's grooming organized. Made from sturdy plastic, this box offers durability and functionality in a well-thought-out design. Here are the key features that make...
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Frack jacket Zaldi Domineer of the Knights

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The Frack jacket Zaldi Domineer of the Knights it's a high-quality garment designed to stand out in the world of riding. Made with a composition of 87% polyester and 13% elastane, this jacket offers comfort, durability and an elegant fit. Highlights: Lock with 5 buttons: Provides a safe...

Lifeguards Zaldi Containing by weight:

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The Lifeguards Zaldi for pony is a low profile option designed to provide optimal shock absorption, prioritizing animal comfort and welfare. This lifeguard has a non-slip surface on both the cross and the chair, ensuring a firm and safe fit. Highlights: Low profile and shock absorption:...

Lifeguards Zaldi It's called Pony Belly Gel

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The Lifeguards Zaldi Other for pony stands out for its careful design and the padded properties of the natural borreguillo. Reinforced with this material on the ridges of the rear and on the cross, it provides a comfortable and safe riding experience for the pony and rider. Highlights:...
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Botina Zaldi Inglesa Unisex

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Number of head Zaldi Extra

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Heading amount Zaldi , made of leather with chrome-plated stainless steel binding. One size fits all.
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Name plate Zaldi Chromate

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Chromed nameplate for mounting. Size: Length 5.5 cm - Width 1.5 cm.
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Chair Zaldi Endurance Sabattan

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The chair Zaldi Endurance Sabattan , suitable for multiple disciplines such as raid, march, full, TREC and even jump. ARMURANCE WITH 10 YEARS OF GARANTIA Made in Spain, top quality. This is a classic! This single-quartier (single-skirt) model has been designed on a semi-flat jump armor...
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Neoprene collar Zaldi for neck

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The neoprene collar Zaldi for neck it's designed to be placed on the horse's neck and cause it to lose volume through sweating. Color: black. Measures: 12cm wide x 69.5cm long. Important Note that it only covers part of the horse's neck.

Cleaning box Zaldi Large 515x287x338 mm

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The Cleaning box Zaldi Large 515x287x338 mm has a large capacity, tray and separators to organize storage, and handle for transport. Characteristics Cleaning box: Large capacity, to store different items. Asa:  Para transport. Compartments: It has a tray and two separators for...

Heels Zaldi Hard plastic 2

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Heels Zaldi made of durable hard plastic 14.5 cm wide and 10.5 cm long. The shape of a wedge.

Frontier for English Head Zaldi

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The other, of circular cross-section Zaldi it is made of leather and has no ornaments. Fine and elegant, it's meant to be worn on English riding boots, with some pins in full size . Characteristics Length 40 centimeters. Width one and a half centimeters.

Square head Zaldi Newborn Nylon

Price €4.95
The square head Zaldi Newborn nylon is intended for young foals up to about three months of age. It allows the animal to get used to the headboard at a young age. Single size, manufactured in of nylon , has winding chromium and metallic finishes in eyelashes .

Carr & Dry Zaldi Shiny hair Total dreamcoat

Price €24.79
The Carr & Dry Zaldi Total hair shine The Dreamcoat is a product with an anti-slip formula that stands out for the shine it gives to the horse's hair. It can be used on the body as well as the mane and tail. Applying it to these adds shine before braiding. It provides a residue-free,...