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Double and single action trigger. Multiple automatic safeties. Load display indicator. Supplied into a gun case with replaceable front sights and adaptors. Conversion from the well-known HP for IPSC discipline. Adjustable trigger. New designed hammer.
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Sweet Walther of CO2 of 88 G

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The candy Walther of CO2 of 88 G it offers a high performance and maximum purity. Total weight: 449 g
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Conversion equipment Walther for Pistola Walther GSP500 22LR

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The Conversion equipment Walther for Pistola Walther GSP500 22LR allows 2 calibers for the pistol Walther   GSP500. Characteristics The caliber converter: It allows two calibers in the same pistol. Change of caliber: Quick and easy. The gun: Walther GSP500. Pistol caliber...
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The cO2 gun Walther CP99 it's a .45 semi-automatic that runs on 12-g CO2 cylinders. Striped steel cannon, open sights and adjustable single and double action trigger. Your capacity for 8 bales makes it an ideal weapon for long firing sessions. Made of stainless steel and...
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Walther CP99 Compact Air Pistol

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The Walther CP99 Compact Gas pellet pistol is a semi-automatic semi-automatic weapon with high precision smooth barrel, safety catch and Blowback system (when firing, the body of the gun moves back and forth). It works with BB balls: it contains a magazine for 18 BB balls. With...

Walther P99 Pistol

Price €23.13
The the gun airsoft manual Walther P99 it's an exact replica of the legendary 9mm P99. Law enforcement agencies all over the world trust her. Synonymous with quality and technology. The original P99 was designed in Germany for police forces, security and sport shooting. Characteristics...
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Walther Match Tac1 Machete

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The machete Walther Match Tac has the following characteristics. Designed with more weight on the front to offer greater cutting capacity and incredible power. High-quality machete from the German manufacturer Walther. High-end 440 stainless steel sheet with maximum strength....
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Walther Back-Up Knife

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Tactical Knife of extreme hardness with a new combat design. Blade of 440c stainless steel with a black coating and a synthetic handle for easy grip. This fabulous knife comes with a multi-position polymer sheath of great resistance , that can be adjusted in the desired direction at all...

Walther Black Tac Tanto Pocket Knife

Price €23.13
Blade of 10 cm made of high-strength 440 steel with high impact spear tip and partially sawed to be used in all types of cutting with maximum precision. Incredible results across the board. With a belt clip and a glass-breaker punch. It comes in a case of sanity. Total length: eight...
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Walther Multi Tool

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The Multi-purpose Knife Walther OTHER it stands out for presenting multiple functions being the perfect combination between a tactical knife and various survival tools . What. Easy to use, its blade opens with one hand and features a locking insurance to prevent unforeseen events. In its...
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Walther PPQ M2 4 "gun

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The Walther PPQ M2 4 "pistol, with features that make it ideal for police use and for competition. It brings together the best features of the classic PPQ such as: Interchangeable handle loops to fit any hand size. Picatinny rail and highly ergonomic handle made of non-slip material. 4...
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Walther Match Tac2 Machete

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-€10.75 Price €36.36
Tactical machete made of 440 steel with black Kukri coating. Blade ventilated and designed with greater weight on the front to increase its cutting capacity and power. Easy grip non-slip grip made of synthetic material. Includes sanity case. Length of sheet: one foot . Total length:...
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Carbine Walther Rotex

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-€103.31 Price €578.50
Carabina de PCP Walther Rotex fabricada en Alemania. Cañón Lothar Walther, culata de madera con picado. Tanque de aire con 230 bares de presión. Adaptador de carga integrado. Manómetro integrado. Cargador metálico rotativo de 8 disparos. Disponible en calibres 4,5 mm. Capacidad del...
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Carpet care Walther weapons

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Un producto pensado para los cazadores más cuidadosos, imprescindible para proteger sus armas de rayaduras y arañazos así como a la superficie de apoyo. Fabricada en material muy absorbente y resistente , su parte posterior con estructura de lámina y panal impermeable impide que el líquido la...
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Walther PPQ ball gun

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La pistola airsoft gas de alta calidad Walther PPQ es una réplica exacta de la pistola alemana Walther que ha supuesto un antes y un después dentro de las armas cortas de defensa. Corredera metálica. Capacidad del cargador: 22 bolas. Velocidad de salida aprox.: 110 m/s. Longitud...
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Carabina Walther PCP Rotex RM8 Varmint

From Regular price €586.78
-€58.69 Price €528.09
La Carabina PCP Aire Walther Rotex RM8 Varmint consta de un cañón Lothar Walther, culata ergonómica de polímero con apoyo de pulgar y raíl para mayor comodidad, tanque de aire con 230 bares de presión, adaptador de carga y manómetros integrados, cargados metálico rotativo de 8 disparos y con...
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Carabina Walther Lever Action

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-€119.02 Price €430.57
La carabina Walther Lever Action  con nuevos acabados, mejorado por la marca Walther de la clásica leyenda Lever Action . Características: Culata madera. Full metal. Calibre: 4,5 mm. Velocidad: 175 m/s. Capacidad: 8 balines. Largo: 996 mm. Peso: 2800 gr. Bombonas 88 g. Co2....
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Walther knife OSK I Survival

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El Cuchillo Walther tiene las siguientes características: Cuchillo de supervivencia de máxima calidad, con total garantía Walther. Hoja de diseño especial, con distintos tipos de filo, para distintas situaciones. Diseño integral, que le confiere una mayor estabilidad. Hoja de acero...
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Walther P38 knife

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El Cuchillo Walther P38 tiene las siguientes características: Peso: 286 gr Cuchilla largo: 135 mm Mango: Polímero Cuchilla: 440 C Inox Acero Incluye funda de piel.

Walther PPQ Tactical Knife

Price €23.96
Características del modelo Navaja Walther PPQ Peso: 140 gr Largo plegada: 127 mm Largo abierta: 223 mm Cuchilla largo: 95 mm Mango: Polímero Cuchilla: 440 Inox Acero

Walther Emergency Rescue Knife Knife

Price €28.09
La Navaja Walther Emergency Rescue Knife tiene las siguientes características: Peso: 162 gr Largo plegada: 130 mm Largo abierta: 223 mm Cuchilla largo: 95 mm Mango: Polímero Cuchilla: 440 A Inox Acero
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Walther OSK II pocket knife - Outdoor Survival Knife II

Regular price €28.10
-€8.27 Price €19.83
The Walther Outdoor Survival Knife has the following characteristics: Specially designed for all kinds of outdoor work. Razor with lock by lock liner-lock, which allows to open and close the knife with one hand and in total safety. 440 stainless steel blade, spear tip. Synthetic...

Walther P22 Pocket Knife

Price €23.96
La Navaja Walther P22 tiene las siguientes características: Peso: 110 gr Largo: 182 mm Largo cuchilla: 76 mm Mango: Polímero con goma Cuchilla: 440 C Incluye funda nylon
  • -€2.49

Pocket Knife Walther TFKII Traditional Folding Knife II

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-€2.49 Price €21.48
La navaja modelo Walther TFKII Traditional Folding Knife II presenta las siguientes características: Características Peso: 94 gr Largo: 162 mm Largo cuchilla: 68 mm Mango: G10 Cuchilla: 440 C Incluye funda nylon con clip para cinturón.