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Sizes: from 52 to 59.


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Adult sizes: S, M, L and XL. Children sizes: S, M, and L.
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Pollains of soft leather

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Colours: brown and black. Size: XS ((37 high/31-35 wide), S ((39 high/33-37 wide), M ((40 high/35-39 wide), L ((41 high/37-41 wide) and XL ((42 high/39-43 wide).
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Short-sleeved contest shirt

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Short-sleeved contest shirt Beautiful traditional short-sleeved contest shirt. Cotton, tie collar and two chest pockets. Size: This is the first time that this has happened.
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Designed to be used with high temperatures, mesh in the front to favour perspiration and ventilation. Palm in synthetic leather which offers an excellent grip. Sizes: XS, S, M, L and XL. Colours: white and black.
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Modern design, excellent grip and washable gloves. Sizes: S/M and L/XL. Colours: black and brown.
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Pollains of soft leather Horze

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Color: black and brown. Size: XXS : 38 cm high and 36-30 cm in circumference XS : 40 cm high and 28-31 cm in circumference S : 42 cm high and 30-33 cm in circumference M : 42 cm high and 32-35 cm in circumference I : 42 cm high and 36-39 cm in circumference XL : 43 cm high...
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Pants Horze Grand Prix Full Extended

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The pants Horze Grand Prix Full Extended for lady are with lycra fit on the ankle, much more elastic and comfortable as it bulges less inside the boots. It presents internal reinforcement along the entire leg. Colours: brown, grey, white, beige, tan, black and dark blue. Size of woman: 34,...
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Chambón de cuero/nylon

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Chambón de cuero/nylon Riendas de entrenamiento en triángulo Tamaños: pequeño y grande. Color: negro.
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Guantes polares Horze Onyx

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Guantes de polar Horze Onyx con impresión de silicona en la palma. Con parches de pantalla táctil en 3 dedos. Color: negro. Tallas: 6, 7, 8, 9 y 10.
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Gloves Horze Shona

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Horze Shona summer breathable riding gloves. Fantastic gloves from the Horze brand, suitable for use with touch screen devices. Velcro closure and elastics between the fingers for comfort. Colors: black / fuchsia, brown / hazel and gray / graphite. Sizes: 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.
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Gaiters Horze Desta

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Extra comfortable leggings with an excellent fit. Made of elastic synthetic leather but with the look and feel of real leather. They are easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Sizes: XS: 34 cm high, 27-29 cm. width S: 35 cm high, 30-32 cm. width M: 36 cm high, 33-35 cm. width L:...
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Camisa de Concurso Horze Niño

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Camisa de concurso de manga corta Horze de diseño muy funcional, con pasador de corbata de tela integrado con el logo de Horze bordado. Fabricado en 100% algodón.
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Protectores De Menudillo Horze (2 Uds.)

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Protectores de menudillo Horze (2 Uds.) Se cierra y aprieta con la cinta elástica y el velcro. Parte exterior de plástico con forro de neopreno. Colores: rojo, negro, marrón, gris/negro, azul oscuro, rosa, arena, azul celeste y blanco/gris. Unidad de venta: 2 protectores iguales....
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Chaqueta de concurso Horze Crescendo Mujer

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Chaqueta de concurso Horze Crescendo entallada mujer El atuendo perfecto para la competición. Se acomoda perfectamente al cuerpo de la jinete, para evitar cualquier distracción. Tejido elástico y repelente al agua de gran calidad, diseñado para ofrecer una gran libertad de movimientos. Los...
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Leather leggings junior Horze

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Horze leather gaiters with back zipper and elastic for a better fit. Children sizes: S (31 high / 28-29 wide) M (33 high / 28-31 wide) L (36 high / 30-33 wide) Colors: black and brown
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Leather leggings Horze

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Horze leather gaiters with back zipper and elastic for a better fit. Adult sizes: XS (41 high / 28.5 wide) S (42 high / 30 wide) M (43 high / 31.5 wide) L (44 high / 34 wide) XL (45 high / 36 wide) Colors: black and brown.
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Camisa de concurso Horze Crescendo Mujer

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-€16.50 Price €16.52
Camisa de concurso Horze Crescendo La camisa de concurso Horze Crescendo es de gran calidad. Fabricada en Nanotex con una protección UV 30+. Diseño con detalle de botones metálicos en puños y cuello. Posibilidad de colocar el cuello abierto o cerrado. Colores: blanco, celeste, azul...
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Chaleco Horze Supreme Niño

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Chaleco de hípica niño Horze Supreme Fabricado en tejido de gran calidad, impermeable y transpirable. Con cremallera frontal de 2 vías y bolsillos laterales con cremallera. Bajo ajustable con cordón elástico y bolsillo interior. Tallas niño: 110/116, 122/128, 134/140, 146/152 y 158/164....
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Polo Horze Crescendo Maeve Niña

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-€8.23 Price €16.52
Polo Horze Crescendo Maeve Niña El polo Horze Crescendo Maeve está fabricado en algodón 95% y elastane 5%. Es elástico y transpirable, con botones delanteros y bordados en pecho y mangas. Colores: Verde, mostaza, celeste, azul marino, gris y rosa. Tallas: 8 (134/140), 10 (146/152), 12...
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Polo Horze Astrid Mujer

From Regular price €20.62
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Polo Horze de señora Astrid El polo Horze Astrid fabricado en algodón 100% , muy ligero y transpirable. Presenta un corte muy favorecedor a la fugura femenina. Colores: blanco, azul marino y amarillo. Tallas: 34, 36, 38, 40, 42 y 44.
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Horze transport protectors Crescendo Holbrook

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-€16.53 Price €33.05
Ideal for travel, your horse will arrive at its destination relaxed and rested Protect your horse's legs without compromising comfort with Horze Crescendo Holbrook Travel Guards, shorter than usual for easy mobility. 4 piece set 1000D ripstop polyester Shock absorbing foam lining...