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Hood Cressi Orust 5 mm

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The Hood Cressi Orust 5 mm has a lapel design, to prevent water from entering between the zipper of the wetsuit and the neck. Characteristics Hood Cressi Orust 5 mm: Diving hood designed for zippered diving suits on the back. Oversized cover The following: Para avoid the entrance...
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Painting Cressi CLUB HD

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The Signalling buoy Cressi CLUB HD it is an essential tool for both sport divers and professional dive centres. This signalling buoy is designed with exceptional characteristics that guarantee its durability and functionality in water. One of the main strengths of this buoy is its resistant...
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Poncho Albornoz Cressi Jedi woman

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The Poncho Albornoz Cressi Jedi for women it stands out as one of the most exceptional systems for facilitating change before and after water activities, especially on cold days. Designed to offer comfort and functionality, this poncho not only retains heat efficiently but also provides ample...
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Poncho Albornoz Cressi The Jedi

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The Poncho Albornoz Cressi The Jedi it stands out as one of the most exceptional systems for facilitating change before and after water activities, especially on cold days. Designed to offer comfort and functionality, this poncho not only retains heat efficiently but also provides ample room...
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Other Cressi Divecutter Titanium Zirconia

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The Slasher Cressi Divecutter Titanium Zirconia it is a tool that combines safety, ergonomics and surprising efficiency. This headgear is ideal for make precise and efficient cuts in saddles, nets and ropes, including those up to 10 mm in diameter ! What ! This is achieved in a single...
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Cressi Killer Knife

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Stainless steel blade and anatomical handle. Blade's length: 8.6 cm Total length: 22 cm
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Knife Cressi a diving glove with an anatomical handle made of soft grip for a secure grip and a blade of tempered stainless steel. With a smooth edge on one side and a serrated edge on the other that ends in a head cutter. Black sleeve with straps for fastening to the thigh or belt. The system...
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Floats Cressi Gara 2000 Hf

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The fin Cressi Station 2000 Hf it's ideal for underwater fishing and apnea. Characteristics Made by a single fusion of three different materials, a process created and patented by Cressi-the sub. Each material is applied to different areas of the fin according to its requirements for...
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Mini Pressure Gauge

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Cressi metallic diving pressure gauge of reduced dimensions, equipped with a thermoplastic protector thermoplastic protector with an attractive design that includes an insert for for attachment to the BCD or wrist. Large, highly visible digits. Dial graduated from zero to 350 bar in 10...
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Scuba boots Cressi Lux with Suela Neoprene 5 mm thick. With insertion of watertightness at the top of the reed and the inside of the lapel in very smooth neoprene it's sticky. YKK and the velcro insertion. Coarse reinforcements and flexible coverage push and heel. Reinforced sole more flexible...
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Cressi Amara Gloves

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Gloves Cressi Amara lightweight combining at the top a 2mm thick neoprene with Amara (always flexible synthetic leather) on the palm and sides of the fingers. It is characterized by a good combination of touch and protection against abrasion and cuts, with a moderate level of thermal...
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Cressi Tropic Backpack

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Mixed mesh/Cordura back pack, with great capacity. It includes a zippered front compartment. Shoulder straps for easy transport.
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Cressi Blacklite Men's Underwear Vest

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Inner coat Cressi elastic and thermal in Blacklite and 3.5 mm thick. Stitched, not assembled and ribbed with anti-wrinkle yarn. Gentlemanly model
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The fins Cressi Garage 3000 Ld it is of medium hardness, ideal for underwater fishing and apnea. Great balance of performance in surface swimming, gliders or for a fin with a higher cadence. Very powerful for deep fishing. Characteristics Made of softer materials, for less exhausting and...
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Other Cressi Corsica A width of not more than 50 mm, calibrated for fishing submarine, apnea and also to place the tube in the pocket from the vest. Minimum thickness nozzle exceptionally comfortable. Multipurpose left-right.
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With carabiner
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A non-slip patterned sole The lux pool sandals come with a non-slip patterned sole and raised sides to hold the foot perfectly. The anatomic sole is moulded from special anti-bacterial and very light co-polymer foam.
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Separate Hood, in 5 mm neoprene
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Jacket Cressi Start

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Let yourself be surprised A new simple, robust and effective vest designed with the needs of diving centers and professional work companies in mind that require a reliable and high-strength product. The bag combines Cordura© 1000 deniers on the outside, pockets and shoulder straps and 500...
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Dive mask Cressi Here comes Big Eyes Crystal

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Dive mask Cressi Here comes Big Eyes Crystal Same design as the Evo Big Eyes but with the new Crystal Clear silicone exclusive to Cressi it's completely transparent, so when you put on the scuba mask, the silicone is completely invisible. Reduces the tendency to yellowing, aging and glare by 90%.
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Gums Cressi G20 circulars

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Fast rubbers 19 mm diameter rubber and hardness Shore 40. Available in 4 sizes The following: for a rifle 85-95 cm. for a rifle of 95-100 cm. for rifles of 105 to 110 cm. for rifles of 115-120 cm.
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The band can be quickly disassembled. 17mm diameter and Shore hardness: 45. Available in 4 sizes : 50 cm: for 85-90 cm speargun 60 cm: for 95-100 cm speargun. 70 cm: for 105-110 cm speargun. 80 cm: for 115-120 cm speargun.