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Fantastic wading boots made from natural rubber. 100% cotton lining and rubber sole with integral iron fibers. They will give you the best protection and safety in all situations.
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Aigle Elastic Trousers with MTD® Membrane

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Los pantalones definitivos de la prestigiosa marca Aigle. ¡Lo tienen todo! Fabricados en Cordura® original silenciosa y strech que los hace elásticos y ajustables para una total libertad de movimientos. La membrana MTD+® aporta una total impermeabilidad, manteniendo la transpiración. Es...
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Aigle Hornet with Mtd® Membrane Trousers

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-€50.01 Price €69.99
El pantalón Aigle Hornet con Membrana Mtd®  le aporta un confort insuperable y una protección máxima en las condiciones climáticas más adversas. Garantiza una gran impermeabilidad gracias a sus costuras estancas, que evita el paso del agua o de la nieve; un sensacional efecto cortaviento y una...
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Aigle Extenson Trousers

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El pantalón Aigle Extenson es un modelo técnico de caza muy ligero, reforzado, con forro interior y fabricado con membrana MTD que le ofrecerá un gran confort a la vez que una gran protección en cualquier condición climática. Impermeable, transpirable y cortavientos, en el pantalón ideal...
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Aigle Timebore pants with Gore-Tex

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-€170.00 Price €99.99
El modelo Aigle Timebore incorpora una membrana Gore-Tex Z-Liner que lo hace impermeable y totalmente transpirable. Estos pantalones de caza de altas prestaciones han sido confeccionados en un tejido suave, cómodo y silencioso. Características: Costuras terrmosoldadas para garantizar la...
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Lady's Aigle Trailseed Trousers

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The Aigle Trailseed pants are fantastic not only for everyday use, but also for all kinds of outdoor activities: hunting, fishing, hiking, mountain .... In addition to providing maximum comfort, adapting perfectly to the body, due to its versatility, this model could become the perfect...
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Aigle Arnab pants

Regular price €116.99
-€27.00 Price €89.99
The Aigle Arnab pants for men are perfect for your hunting days as they are made with a conical shape, preformed knees and silent fabric. In addition, they are waterproof and breathable. Features: MTD: waterproof, windproof and breathable membrane. It has a semi-elastic waist to...
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Hunting Pants Aigle Colbert

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-€44.96 Price €109.99
Aigle's Colbert hunting trousers are Made with technical polyamide fabric and laminated with a double layer MTD that makes it waterproof, maintaining perfect breathability. + Specifications Front reinforcements from the beginning of the leg. Lined in ripstop ripstop fabric and...
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Aigle Emaro Thermal Mesh Pant

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El pantalón malla Aigle Emaro Térmico ha sido fabricado con materiales y tecnologías de calidad, dentro de los cuales destacan el tejido Polartec Power Dry que el aporta propiedad importantes a la prenda. Evita retener la humedad incluso durante la actividad física, manteniendo la piel...
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Aigle Parcours ISO 2 boots

Regular price €229.95
-€40.96 Price €188.99
The Aigle Parcours ISO 2 boots are arguably the most famous rubber boots and the first to incorporate the new anti-fatigue system. Made in France with the best materials and lined with 4.5 mm neoprene. Its sole has three densities offering unmatched tread comfort. The heel has an exclusive...

Boots Aigle Tenere Light

Price €107.99
The Aigle Tenere Light boots are very light and breathable, perfect for long walks in the countryside. Characteristics: Padded cuff: offers comfort and excellent ankle support to prevent possible injuries. The Eco-Ortholite® insole provides excellent cushioning while allowing the foot...

Aigle Tenere Hike Boots

Price €112.99
The Aigle Tenere Hike Boots are a more technical version of the Tenere, perfect for walking in the city or in the countryside. Features: Aigle Tenere Hike Boots: They are a more technical version of the Tenere, due to the stiffer cordura part, the padded collar, and the light and...

Pantalón Aigle Courtal

Price €158.99
El pantalón Aigle Courtal es muy resistente y duradero, ideal para una jornada intensa de caza. En la parte inferior tiene forro repelente al agua. Las rodillas están preformadas para ofrecer una gran libertad de movimiento y máxima comodidad. Características: Membrana MTD: impermeable y...
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Aigle Dermid pants

Regular price €139.99
-€80.00 Price €59.99
The Aigle Dermid pants, made of durable, waterproof and breathable fabric with MTD membrane (5000/8000). The seams are glued, inside a mesh gasket that provides thermoregulation and membrane functionality. A special cut of the knees to maintain freedom of movement. On the knees and buttocks...

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