''Hunting Preserve'' Steel Plate

With high pigmentation inks, they don't fade!!! Manufactured from 0,6 mm white lacquered galvanized steel sheet, with drills for fixing. Very consistent, they all have a frame with rounded corners that makes them stronger and more than 1 cm thick. .What. Table of first order: White...

Stick for Preserve Plates

Due to latest legislation changes, most of autonomous communities forbid hammering hunting preserve plates on trees, or, if allowed, they impose very restrictive conditions. We have the solution. This pole is 1.80 m. length , drilled at different measures for 1st and 2nd range plates....

Extremadura ''Coto Privado de Caza'' Plate

Made of galvanized steel plate with white 0.6 mm lacquer. letters in black with plate number: "Coto Privado de Caza". Size: 51 x 33 cm. Minium order: 24 pieces. PLEASE, NOTE DOWN THE PLATE NUMBER OF YOUR HUNTING PRESERVE IN THE OBSERVATIONS SECTION OF YOUR ORDER.

Private Game Board Hunting for the Community of Valencia

Manufactured in galvanized steel sheet and 0.6 mm white lacquered, with holes for fixing. Black print with license plate number: "Private Game Reserve". Size: 50 x 33 cm. Minimum order: 24 units. PLEASE INDICATE YOUR REGISTRATION NUMBER IN THE SECTION OF OBSERVATIONS OF YOUR ORDER.

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