Caliber 28

Trust Smalls 28 Cartridges

Price €9.66
Features: Cal.: 28. Shell's length (mm): 70. Head's length (mm): 08. Load: 17. Primer: Plastic. Speed (m/s): 395. Units: 25/box. Minimum order: 20 boxes. Shipping costs up to 30 boxes 7,99 euros. Over 30 boxes, ask for shipping costs. Shipment only for Mainland Spain.

Trust Small Semi Magnum 28 22G Cartridges

Price €10.49
With the Trust Small 28 22G cartridge, you will have the same sensations as with the normal 28, but a more interesting point, thanks to its higher loads in 22. Characteristic: Gauge: 28 Sheath length: 70 mm. Short length: 16 mm. Load: 22 grams. Taco: Plastic....

Brenneke Bronze Trust Small 28 18G Bullet Cartridges

Price €23.55
The Trust Small 28 18G cartridge, loaded with the Brenneke Bronze bullet , its high velocity gives it a   prodigious range without sacrificing projectile stability, making it a highly efficient ammunition at long range. Characteristic: Gauge: 28 Sheath length: 70 mm....