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Casco Co Mistrall 2

From Regular price €150.33
-€47.03 Price €103.30
The helmet Mistral two, it comes in a new design and offers fan-like air outlets. Characteristics Lighter and more compact. Equipped with ventilation system "Air Fresh", which promotes the evacuation of hot air for thermal regulation. Ergonomic adjustment of the helmet by means of a...
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Pants of Montar BR Marcus Culera Grip Male

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-€23.11 Price €67.76
The BR Marcus riding pants with a man's butt grip, with a classic look contain a silicone spoon for extra grip and a more stable seat. Pants have two side pockets in the front and two pockets with openings in the back. The front pockets can be closed with a button inside and the back pockets...
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Bag for accessories Equiline Box

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-€8.26 Price €123.96
The accessory bag Equiline Box it is made of high quality materials, among which the polyester offering strength and durability . What. It also has water repellent properties , ideal for riding. This model comes only in blue and has internal divisions to be able to store various...

Equiline Gait Women's Show Jacket

Price €404.13
The Equiline Gait Woman show jacket is handcrafted by Italian artisans who are experts in sewing for horse racing , where its innovative, elegant and classic design stands out. Thanks to its finishes, it is possible to further adorn the natural silhouette of women, providing the best...
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Socks Equiline Unisex

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The socks Equiline Unisex is manufactured with textile fabrics otherwise impregnated, coated, covered or laminated , offering the best fit and grip at once. On its inner lining it has an additional print to further improve the grip of the sock. The logo and the letters of the mark...
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Sales of Polo Equiline (4 units)

The unit costs 7,43 €
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The polo bands Equiline (4 units) has the main function of provide the best comfort for the horse and its keeper. It is made of 100% polyester, being a resistant and soft material . What. It's easy to place, clean and remove. Characteristics This model comes in several colors to...

Protector of Doma Veredus Absolute elastic rear

Price €150.41
The Dom Protector Veredus Absolute elastic rear it has been manufactured with high quality materials that offer the better support for tendons and ligaments during physical work. It comes in two colors and sizes to choose from. It is specially designed for the domestic and flat works ,...
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Dressage saddle pad BR Cooldry

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-€10.71 Price €30.57
The BR Cooldry dressage saddle pad is made of cotton and lined with Cooldry® fabric. It is extremely fast drying, breathable and moisture wicking. It also has a 400-gram padding, is decorated with two decorative cords and has a velcro closure strap.
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Competition Polo BR Rochelle Woman

Regular price €37.15
-€4.10 Price €33.05
With the women's pole BR Rochelle you'll have the comfort you need to give your best in competitions. Characteristics Composition: 88% polyester and 12% elastane. Moisture absorbing and fast drying fabric. Mesh parts on the front and side panel.

Megev Competition Jacket

Price €136.36
The Equitheme "slim" riding jacket meets the highest requirements: Maximum comfort: guarantees total freedom of movement thanks to its special manufacturing material; breathable micro-perforated stretch fabric, highly flexible. Maximum protection: this jacket is BREATHABLE and SPF50...
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BR Phoenix Junior Competition Jacket

Regular price €98.35
-€9.93 Price €88.42
The coat of competition The Phoenix of BR for children, it is manufactured with materials of high quality , providing maximum comfort so i can overcome all the obstacles in the competition. Besides, is fits the silhouette promoting freedom of movement on...
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Kingsland KLofelicia Women's Competition Polo Shirt

Regular price €66.07
-€16.50 Price €49.58
The Kingsland SS22 KLofelicia Women's Contest Polo is perfect to wear in exhibitions, providing a fresh image while being elegant, what will it allow you? feel comfortable and have the best ally in your wardrobe. Features: Classic, fresh and timeless exhibition polo shirt for women....
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Equiline Gardug Women's Competition Polo Shirt

Regular price €82.64
-€18.18 Price €64.45
The Equiline Gardug Women's Competition Polo is Made of breathable, comfortable and elastic fabric , which leaves you total freedom of movement on the horse. Features: High neck with two crystal jewel buttons and the button placket hidden in Lurex fabric. It absorbs sweat well...
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Kingsland KLorion Junior Competition Polo Shirt

Regular price €49.55
-€8.23 Price €41.31
The kingsland KLoliver competition polo shirt for boys stands out for its comfort, quality and style . In addition, it is Made from a breathable, quick-drying printed fabric that offers excellent moisture management. Features: It has a relaxed fit, to promote comfort. It...
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Kingsland KLPaloma Women's Competition Jacket

Regular price €288.43
-€73.56 Price €214.87
The Kingsland KLPaloma women's competition jacket combines elegance and total comfort , as it is very light, allowing you to concentrate solely on the competition. Characteristic: Featuring a full zip closure, and zip pockets. Made with a blend of soft and stretchy fabric,...
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Shoe bag Equiline

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-€11.58 Price €45.45
The sacks for boots Equiline it is made of high quality materials, among which the waterproof polyester which provides durability and strength to the bag. Ideal for taking your riding boots wherever you want sporty and elegant design. It's very light and versatile to use. Its zipper...