Frontaleras para cabezadas

Frontier Norton Pro Strass

Price €21.48
The Frontier Norton Pro Strass has an undulating design and embellished with large crystals, designed for all types of heads. Characteristics Design: Frontalera with undulating shape, decorated with large-size crystals, providing a touch of brightness and elegance. Compatibility...

Norton Mosquito Net Brow

Price €4.12
Norton Mosquito Net Brow The essential element to avoid flies in the eyes! With its numerous polypropylene fringes, it prevents the horse from being invaded by flies. Equipped with a self-locking tab on each side, it easily attaches to a bridle or halter. Material:...
  • -€1.12

Frontier Zaldi Golden Brown

Regular price €8.55
-€1.12 Price €7.43
The English border Zaldi is made of high quality leather and has the following characteristics: Material: Made of durable leather. Without drowning: It does not have drowning, which allows greater comfort for the horse. Joint metallic adolescence: It includes articulated metallic...

Frontier for English Head Zaldi

Price €8.26
The other, of circular cross-section Zaldi it is made of leather and has no ornaments. Fine and elegant, it's meant to be worn on English riding boots, with some pins in full size . Characteristics Length 40 centimeters. Width one and a half centimeters.

Bridge piers Eric Thomas Pro

Price €13.21
Mounts of Éric Thomas Pro Bridge The Éric Thomas Pro Bridge Mounts are a high quality and durability option to complement your horse's breeze. Designed with attention to detail and manufactured with resistant materials, these assemblers guarantee a safe and comfortable fit for the bit of...

It's called Frontalera Mosquitera BR Premiere

Price €6.60
The It's called Frontalera Mosquitera BR Premiere , made of high-quality tape, has wide, dense fringes to help repel insects and side closures with strong velcro. Perfect so the bugs don't bother your horse!
  • -€1.06

Zaldi Extra Bridle Strut

Regular price €8.49
-€1.06 Price €7.43
The Zaldi Extra bridle upright is made of leather with a stainless buckle. If added to a normal bridle, it transforms it into a bite and steak. One size.
  • -€1.43

Frontier Para Headed Zaldi A cowgirl with a muskrat

Regular price €10.51
-€1.43 Price €9.08
The women's or girls' jackets and blazers Zaldi has the following characteristics: With pineapple. 36 fringed fly. Without the strangler. Size of fly: 6 cm wide. Front measurement: 2 cm wide.
  • -€3.89

Norton Elevadores Fino Elevators (Pair)

Regular price €20.41
-€3.89 Price €16.52
Norton uprights, thin rope lifts with removable double thickness and winch knot. It has placed a stainless steel ring to fix the rein. Buckle and loops set on buffalo leather support on the left side. They are sold per pair.

Excelsior "V Diamond" Fronter

Price €16.52
Excelsior "V Diamond" front , made of lined buffalo leather, flexible leather and EVA foam padding. "V" shape with incrustation of a double row of transparent crystallites, united in tip.
  • -€17.04

Zaldi Cowgirl browband without Musketeer Brown

Regular price €44.31
-€17.04 Price €27.26
The Zaldi Cowgirl browband without Brown Musketeer has the following characteristics: with pineapple without flycatcher without choke Width: 2.5cm Length: 37cm
  • -€4.96

Frontalera Norton Fashion

Regular price €16.52
-€4.96 Price €11.56
Frontalera NORTON Fashion,  de cuero de búfalo 9 mm negro, adornado con una tira de 5 hileras de pequeños cristalitos (de color) en toda la longitud. Tamaño Full.