Asso Double Strength Exclusive Monofilament

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Double resistance. The use of a special polymer will always guarantee the highest benefits. A monofilament with exceptional transparency, very resistant to knots and unrivalled long lasting performance. The monofilament with the highest benefits! Unique performance! Diameter: 0.08...

Manufacture from materials of any heading Yuki FD 3G

From Price €6.77
No warping. Manufacture from materials of any heading Yuki FD 3G specially designed for fishing with reel. He has no memory mechanical, which prevents deformation in spiral due to the rewinding. From pink invisible in the water, this copolymer very soft this treaty uVA rays. Very tough abrasion...
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It 's a monofilament

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Made from fluorocarbon. Take Akashi Ultraclear monofilament which belongs to the winning range of premium for excess fluorocarbon high tensile strength. Totally invisible in the water. The soft touch. Extraordinary Strength both abrasion and in the knot. The fluorocarbon of higher benefits....
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Sky Line Monofilament

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Sensational high quality Sky Line monofilament and high strength. Its smooth surface is protected by a carbon film which increases its abrasion resistance and its DURABILITY, key characteristics to face a competition with the highest guarantees of success. In the Super Clear finish the...