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Diving Flashlight Led Lenser 9114 D14.2 400 lm

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The Led Lenser D14.2 Flashlight is a diving flashlight with a power of 400 lumens and two light modes. This flashlight can also work on land thanks to its cooling system. You can choose this flashlight with: 4000ºK (warmest white light) 6500ºK (bluer white light)...

Focus Intova Tovatec Fusion

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The flashlight Tovatec Fusion , has a self-government who makes it ideal for diving days with low visibility. In the event of of a kind used in motor vehicles, with only use the extender of canister which is included with the product and two AA batteries (not included), it gives...
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Intova Compact Torch II Flashlight

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The Intova Compact Torch II flashlight is the natural evolution of the legendary Tovatec Compact focus. Its T? Made of anodized aluminum for maximum durability . Thanks to its 285 lumens , its resistance and its reliability , it can be used as a main focus ? of support . With...
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Focus Intova Tovatec T3500 S

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The focus Tovatec T3500 S of Intova , is only in the sector , for his compact size and high power . What. Without a doubt, it's a big spotlight for its size and performance , which will guide the dives of many divers, for a long time. It is characterised by it is one of the most...
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Intova Sparkave Sdive E1 Spotlight

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The Sparkave Sdive E1 spotlight from Intova is a handheld diving spotlight that offers up to 1200 lumens with a concentrated beam of 10 . This type of spotlight has characteristics suitable for any type of diver . In addition, with its 3 power levels, it is a useful spotlight...
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Focus Intova Riff M1800

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The New Focus Riff M1800 of Intova , is manufactured in aluminium corrosion resistant , for one long term . What. It's an f hollow with a perfect size and with a high power , with a ideal value for money . What. In addition, it is available in two colors. Characteristics It...

Intova Riff TL Focus

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Intova 's RIFF TL spotlight can be used as a primary beam with maximum performance. In addition, it is suitable for night sites , due to its great power and autonomy, and of course suitable for day diving, to be able to see in caves and nooks and crannies. Model TL 3000 MK3:...
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Intova Riff TL Maxi Spotlight

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The Riff TL Ma x i spotlight from Intova , is it? Made of anodized aluminum, and incorporates an excellent finish with a very careful image , it is undoubtedly one of the spotlights that will make a difference in this sector . It is a handheld primary focus , with a...
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Tovatec 3600 rechargeable flashlight

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The l internally Tovatec 3600 Rechargeable ,with 3600 lumens of actual power, this lamp allows to have a beam of light variable between 12o and 100o so that it can be suitable for any type of immersion. It uses two 26650 batteries that come included to get to grant 80 minutes of use at maximum...