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Apeks XTX 50 Octopus Regulator

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Octopus Apeks XTX 50 Characteristics pneumatically balanced DCE - possibility of mounting two types of exhaust deflectors (standard short type) RVS - possibility to connect the hose from the left or right side CRC - screw for infinitely adjustable breathing resistance...
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Octopus Apeks XL4+

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The Octopus Apeks XL4+ is a compact and lightweight regulator suitable for diving in all environments, including cold water locations. Its design and light weight help reduce jaw fatigue in long dives. Stage two: The second stage, being compact and lightweight, improves comfort and helps...
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Octopus Apeks MTX-R

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The Apeks MTX-R regulators were originally designed for extreme diving in all types of conditions, from situations where continuous strong shocks are difficult to avoid, to the most extreme cold weather conditions. A regulator suitable for all situations. It never fails. Characteristic:...
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Octopus Apeks Egress 21

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The octopus Apeks Egress 21 has been specially designed to minimise resistance, including a pneumatically balanced valve , resulting in significantly higher performance for an alternative air intake. It is ideal for regulators Apeks high performance. Characteristics Their...
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Octopus Apeks XTX40 Balanced Octopus

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The octopus Apeks XTX40 Balanced Octopus stands out for offering the same functions as the XTX40 second stage, with the exceptional difference of offering left/right reversibility. In addition, thanks to its innovative design, a high visibility front cover in yellow has been applied....