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Dive computer Scubapro Luna 2.0 AIR INTEGRATED + Smart Pro transmitter is included

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The wrist dive computers  Scubapro It 's the moon they're a real revolution in the diving world. They are designed with comfort and ease of reading in mind, making them an exceptional choice for divers of all levels. One of the most striking features is its ability to control bottle pressure...
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Computer Scubapro Other

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The Scubapro Other it's an impressive dive computer that combines elegance and functionality in a design reminiscent of a classic watch. Its high-contrast full-color display provides exceptional readability, and its backlight ensures optimal visibility in all diving conditions. With an...
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Ordenador Scubapro Galileo 3 + Emisor Smart Pro

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El Ordenador de Buceo Scubapro Galileo 3 con Emisor Smart Pro combina una estética elegante con la funcionalidad de una pantalla a todo color que evoca la apariencia de un reloj clásico. Su pantalla de alto contraste y retroiluminación brillante aseguran una legibilidad excepcional en...
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Dive computer Scubapro A2

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The dive computer Scubapro A2 it's perfect for divers looking for the size and comfort of a compact, high-performance, wristband computer. Characteristics Designed for advanced recreational divers and technical, advanced and technical divers, also for those using CCR or diving in apnea....
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Dive computer Scubapro Aladin A1

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The dive computer Scubapro Aladin A1 is very easy to use and very versatile, it is very comfortable to use it both on the surface and under the water. The A1 offers complete chronometraje functions and three dive modes plus a sporty mode. An intuitive menu system and button controls very easy...
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Doll Computer Scubapro Aladin Sport Matrix

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The Doll Computer Scubapro Aladin Sport Matrix can be customized according to indicators such as experience, age and physical condition, and allows calculating intermediate stops. Characteristics Front plate: Metalica. The screen: Segmented, easy to read, and a matrix screen in the...
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Dive computer Scubapro The Galileo G2

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The dive computer Scubapro The Galileo G2 , thanks to all its new features, its ease of use, its option of customized screen configuration, it will accompany you anywhere and in any situation: whether in open water, in apnea, CCR, Trimix or Sidemount. Intuitive menu structure: simple...