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Cressi Battery + O-Ring Kits

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Cressi Battery + O-Ring Kits Kit to replace the battery and the O-ring of the Cressi computer models: Goa/Cartesio/Neon edy Archimedean
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Inalmbrico of pressure transmitter Bottles

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When connected to your D9tx, D6i or D4i dive computer, the wireless bottle pressure transmitter Suunto it tells you the current pressure of your bottles and the remaining air time, from a take a look at his wrist computer.
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Led transmitter Mares 2.0

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LED transmitter Mares 2.0 The LED transmitter Mares 2.0 is an essential module for divers who want to have accurate information about the gas pressure in their bottle during their dives. This pressure emitter connects to the dive computers Mares it sends real-time data so you can easily...
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Screen protector Scubapro G2

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This Adhesive Screen Protector designed specifically for the prestigious for use in the manufacture of computers , providing an exceptional layer of defense to your valuable underwater tool. Characteristics Uncomplicated installation : Equipped with a quick and easy application, this...
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Bungee kit for computer Suunto Eon Steel

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The Bungee Kit includes everything you need to change the grip of the dive computer Suunto EON Steel of elastic-string: Content of the Kit: Adapters for the elastic cord. Screws to attach the adapters. one meter of elastic cord. Detailed instructions for installation. Tools needed:...
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Screen protector Cressi Giotto

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The plastic screen protector for diving computer Cressi Giotto is an essential accessory to maintain the integrity and clarity of the screen of your dive computer. Characteristics Resistant plastic: Manufactured to support adverse diving conditions, offering durable protection...

Mares Computer Case Shell Round

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Characteristics of the Mares Shell Round computer case : Impact resistant box Ideal for diving computers Heavy duty zip Micro-injected label with the Mares logo Edges edged in silver
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Mares Quad Screen Protector

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The Mares Quad screen protector has the following characteristics: Ease of installation Protects from scratches Comfortable and durable Excellent transparency
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Suunto Dive 1 24 mm strap

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The Suunto Dive 1 strap is designed to make diving more comfortable. This strap is easy to clean and fits perfectly, is made of long-lasting silicone, and has a quick closure. Very comfortable and easy to change without the need for additional tools. Compatible with models: Suunto...
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String Cressi What is it

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The strap Cressi What is it it comes in five colors to choose from, specially designed for the computer Cressi What is it. Computer not included
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Scubapro AirZ+ transmitter

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Transmitter intended for the transmission of information to the Scubapro AIRZ+ dive computer. Scubapro's AirZ+ Wireless Air Pressure Transmitter lets you know the current pressure in your tank and remaining air time with just a glance at your wrist.
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Issuer Scubapro Smart Plus

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The Issuer Scubapro Smart Plus allows you to know the state of the gas of the bottle at depths of up to 300 m, it is very light and comfortable to carry. Characteristics Greater comfort: Control the gas of the bottle without the discomfort of a pendant latiguillo. Compatible with:...
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Apeks DSX Transmitter

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Apeks DSX Transmitter The Apeks transmitter is the suitable transmitter for the Apeks DSX dive computer with air integration. The Apeks DSX dive computer is a sophisticated, multifunctional dive computer for serious divers and technical diving, with Nitrox, Trimix, Sidemount and CCR...
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Transmitter Aqualung Black

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The transmitter Aqualung black it's used alongside a compatible wrist computer, so you can control air pressure and remaining air time without the need for a high-precision whip. The Aqualun transmitter gives you a more aerodynamic profile. Technical specifications Tubeless air pressure...