Thermal monocular Pulsar Axion XQ30 Pro



The Pulsar Axion XQ30 Pro is a compact and advanced thermal monocular, ideal for hunters and nature observers that require precise detection and prolonged use in various climatic conditions. Its main features are then highlighted:

Main features

Improved Thermal Sensor:

  • Resolution: 384 × 288 pixels.
  • Pixel size: 17 μm.
  • Sensitivity NETD: ≥25 mK.
  • Target: 20 mm f/1.2.
  • This high-quality sensor allows to detect even the smaller temperature differences, providing clear and high-contrast images in a range of up to 850 meters.

Sensitivity amplification:

  • Three levels of sensitivity amplification: Improves the representation of observed objects and their environment, optimizing detection capabilities in different climate and environmental conditions.

Wide field of view:

  • 13.3° field of vision: Facilitates search and scanning, allowing faster detection of heat sources without losing sight of the surrounding area.

Picture mode (PiP):

  • High screen in the top 10%: Allows more detailed inspection of an object without losing control of the surrounding area.

AMOLED screen:

  • Resolution: 600×400.
  • High contrast and improved color reproduction: Provides sharp and detailed images, even in extreme cold conditions.

Compact and ergonomic design:

  • Lightweight and compact design: Easy to handle and hold for long periods.
  • Intuitive controls: Simple layout of four buttons for easy and effective control.
  • Magnesium alloy housing: Resistant to adverse weather conditions, shocks and falls, and acts as a heat sink.

Long-term battery:

  • Autonomy up to 7 hours: APS3 rechargeable battery for quick change.
  • Quick Charge USB Type C: Facilitates fast recharge and continues the use of the device during the night.

Eight Color Patterns:

  • Customization of the display: It allows to optimize the device for different tasks and observation conditions.
  • Object Detection: Hot White, Hot Black, Hot Red.
  • Recognition and identification: Arcoiris, Ultramarino.
  • Protracted observation: Monochrome red, Sepia, Violet.

Imaging and Integrated Video Recorder:

  • Internal memory: Stores hours of video and thousands of photos.
  • Easy Capture: Just a touch to take photos or record videos.

Stream application Vision Two:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity: Compatible with Android and iOS devices.
  • Remote control functions: Setting settings, footage, image capture.
  • Gallery: Navigation and download of photos and videos.
  • Remote firmware Update: Keeps the device updated with the latest features.

The Pulsar Axion XQ30 Pro combines a compact design with advanced thermal detection features, a long-lasting battery and display customization options. Its robustness and ease of use make it ideal for hunting and observation activities under diverse and demanding conditions.

Technical specifications:

  • Thermal sensorThe following: 384×288, 17 μm, ≤25 mK NETD
  • Speed of frames, Hz: 50Hz
  • Target lensThe following: 30mm f1.2
  • IncreaseThe following: 2.0-8,0x
  • Field of vision (HxV), degrees / m @ 100 mThe following:13,3°
  • MonitorThe following: 640×400 AMOLED
  • Detection range: 850m
  • Video recorderThe following: Yeah, with audio
  • Video resolution: 528×400
  • Video formatThe following: .mp4/.jpg
  • Incorporated memoryThe following: 16 GB
  • Wireless protocolThe following: Wifi
  • Wiffi Standard wirelessThe following: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac (WPA)
  • Frequency, GHzThe following: 2.4 / 5GHz
  • Degree of protectionThe following: IPX7 (printable)
  • Operating temperature rangeThe following: -25 +40°C
  • Assembly, typeThe following: 1/4"
  • Compatible applicationThe following: Stream Vision 2
  • Output voltage, VThe following: 4.2-3.0 V
  • Type of BatteryThe following: APS3 replacement battery (3.2 Ah)
  • Battery capacityThe following: 3200mAh
  • Operating time (to T=22°C)The following: Up to 7 hours
  • External power supplyThe following: 5V (USB)
  • MaterialsThe following: Magnesium alloy
  • DimensionsThe following: 144x41x69mm
  • WeightThe following: 300 grams
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