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Lotion for the skin

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The Other medicinal products is perfect for horses with thick skin or very thick skin from scratching. What. It is a 100% natural solution specifically designed to relieve itching and skin irritation in horses caused by equine summer dermatitis, a common allergic reaction to mosquito bites of the genus Culicoides. Here are more details about this effective lotion:

Instant relief:

  • Derfen Original Lotion provides immediate relief for horses suffering from severe itching due to equine summer dermatitis. Its natural ingredients penetrate directly into the skin and act instantly to soothe the affected areas and reduce irritation.

Deep hydration:

  • This lotion moisturizes the horse's skin intensely, providing quick and lasting relief. Its components nourish the skin and help restore its natural balance, reducing oxidative stress and promoting healthy epidermis.

It stimulates hair growth:

  • Original Derfen also helps to stimulate the growth of the original hair by reducing skin irritation and preventing the horse from scratching excessively. This allows the skin to repair and regenerate, promoting the growth of healthy, shiny hair.

Natural composition:

  • This lotion is formulated with a mixture of vegetable oils and extracts of medicinal plants and roots, offering an effective alternative to corticosteroid treatments. It contains no cortisone or doping substances, making it safe and free of side effects.

Durable even in wet conditions:

The effectiveness of Derfen Original Lotion is maintained even in rainy conditions, ensuring lasting relief for the horse, regardless of the weather.

The composition: Sunflower seed oil Castor oil Cumin oil black Clove oil Extract of juniper Vitamin E. Content: 250 ml

Derfen Original Lotion is ideal for horses suffering from equine summer dermatitis, especially those with hardy skins, horses of Spanish breed or non-established horses. It provides quick and effective relief, promoting the health and well-being of your horse's skin naturally and safely.

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