Massage ball Hippo-Tonic

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The massage ball Hippo-Tonic for horses offers exceptional versatility for your horse's physical care and wellbeing. Here are more details about its features and benefits:

Detachable design:

  • The massage ball can be easily detached from the handle, which offers the possibility of using it in two different ways: as part of a cold cryotherapy or a hot thermotherapy.

Thermal therapy Calming:

  • Para to use it as heat therapy, you simply remove the steel ball and dip it in hot water. Once warmed, the ball is perfect for applying heat and relaxing your horse's muscles, providing relief and well-being.

Refreshing cryotherapy:

  • On the other hand, if you prefer to use it for a cooling cryotherapy, you can refrigerate the removable ball for 1 to 2 hours before use. Once cooled, the ball can maintain a low temperature for 3-6 hours, offering a beneficial physiotherapeutic effect for your horse and helping to relieve any inflammation or muscle tension.

Physical therapy benefits:

  • Both thermotherapy and cryotherapy are recognized techniques for their physiotherapeutic benefits. Thermotherapy helps improve blood circulation, reduce muscle pain and relax tissues, while cryotherapy helps reduce inflammation, relieve pain and promote muscle recovery after intense exertion.

Easy to use:

  • With its intuitive and practical design, the massage ball Hippo-Tonic it is easy to use and provides an effective way to care for and pamper your horse. Simply choose between thermotherapy or cryotherapy according to your horse's specific needs and enjoy the benefits of a high-quality physiotherapy treatment.

With the massage ball Hippo-Tonic, you can give your horse the physical care he deserves, both at home and in competition, helping him to stay in optimum condition and achieve maximum performance.

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