Thermal and nocturnal binoculars Pulsar Merger of two NXP50



The Thermal and nocturnal binoculars Pulsar Merger of two NXP50 combines thermal and night vision, to provide high-quality vision with detail, even in low light conditions and in any kind of weather condition. In addition, it has optics designed to offer less eye fatigue, and integrated WiFi to send information to the smartphone through the app Stream Vision 2.

Main features:

  • Thermal binoculars and by the Night Pulsar Merger of two NXP50: Thermal and night vision binoculars to provide maximum vision regardless of lighting conditions.
  • Images in various spectra: It provides high-quality images in any type of lighting conditions, with spectra of visible wavelength, near-infrared, and long-wave infrared.
  • Viewing modes: It has thermal and digital night vision modes, to suit the observation needs of simple detection, or observation in detail. It also allows you to combine vision digital thermal and night vision with picture in picture mode.
  • Highly sensitive thermal sensor: Thermal sensor of 640×480 pixels @ 17 μm with NETD ≤25 mK, very sensitive, to offer a high quality thermal image in any type of weather condition.
  • Full HD digital night vision: The image captured in digital night mode is high-definition, with high-quality detail, even in low light conditions.
  • Invisible infrared illuminator: 940 nm invisible IR illuminator, which enhances detail even in complete darkness.
  • WiFi and app Stream Vision Two: It has built-in Wifi, allowing you to connect to your smartphone via the Stream mobile app Vision 2, to update the device, stream real-time images, remotely control functions, and access the 16 GB cloud storage.

Ergonomic and resistant design:

  • Comfortable vision: The optical design is adapted to human vision, to provide an observation with less eye fatigue.
  • Other, of a thickness of Resistant and lightweight housing, to protect internal components from shock, moisture, and extreme temperatures.

Technical specifications:

  • The sensor: 640 by 480 pixels. In order to ensure the proper functioning of the system, it is necessary to specify the operating parameters.
  • Lens of the lens: In the case of vehicles of categories M1 and N1 with a maximum mass exceeding 2000 kg:.
  • Increases: 3 to 24x (thermal), 2 to 16x (digital).
  • Field of view: 12.4 × 9.3 degrees, 21.8 × 16.4 m @ 100m (thermal).
  • Lighting device Wavelength 940 nm, optical power 500 mW.
  • Detection range: 1800 meters (thermal detection).
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