Lock shotgun Mannlicher SM12 SX 300 Win Mag



The Lock shotgun Mannlicher SM12 SX 300 Win Mag is designed with high-quality materials, with high-security SBS bolt for maximum protection.


  • Lock shotgun Mannlicher SM12 SX: Rifle made of high quality materials following Austrian tradition.
  • Improved accuracy: OBP gun design and finished crown, like competition rifles.
  • Triggered: It's a monogatillo with hair, to shoot with maximum accuracy.
  • Culata: Synthetic, elegantly designed, dark greenish, non-slip, reinforced with metal pillarshigh density polymer, very tough.
  • Cannon: Cold hammered steel.
  • Rise and shine No lift and no aim.
  • Charger: It's removable.

Locks SBS (Safe Bolt system): High-security and quiet, with tear gas, hand-armed. Protects the user in case of: firing a cartridge with overpressure or if there is an obstruction in the barrel:

  • Machinery for making pulp of fibrous cellulosic material Grooved bolt body for secure clamping even in extreme conditions of ice or mud.
  • Percussion needle: On the back of the bolt when the weapon is mounted, to have visual and tactile control of the weapon status.
  • Lock closing: Extremely strong SBS closure titrons, with closure behind the cartridge butt over the frame.
  • Lock knob: It can be folded and locked over the mechanism drawer.
  • Safety helmet: Only the SBS system uses an additional safety cap that encapsulates the nipples and extractor. In this way, the user is protected against any gas leakage with overpressured cartridges that can be fired without his knowledge.

Technical specifications:

  • Action: Lock and key.
  • Finished: It's synthetic.
  • Cannon length: two and a half inches.
  • The caliber: 300 won. Mag.
  • Total length: 1175 mm.
  • Weight: 3610 g.
  • Loading capacity: 3.

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