In the case of vehicles of categories M1 and N2 with a maximum mass exceeding 2000 kg:

* Álvarez se compromete al envío en un plazo de 48 horas a España Península en aquellas referencias que incluyan la frase "TE LO ENVIAMOS EN 48 horas". Si el pedido incluye una referencia no marcada con esta frase, no podremos garantizar este plazo de envío. Álvarez no se hace responsable de posibles retrasos en la entrega provocados por las agencias de transportes.

The This Regulation shall be binding in its entirety and directly applicable in all Member States it brings together the best of thermal and night technology in one device, providing hunters with a revolutionary tool. Here are their key features in an organized way:

Unique versatility

  • The TD32-70 combines thermal and night vision in a tube-style design.
  • It includes an integrated LRF and IR system for a complete experience.

Multifunctional observation channel:

  • 4 observation channels to adapt to different hunting situations.
  • Thermal and night imaging channels for day and night.
  • Color mode for daytime night vision.
  • Black and white mode for night vision in the dark.
  • Picture-in-Picture (PIP) mode for simultaneous display of thermal and nighttime images.

Operating under adverse conditions:

  • Excellent performance in harsh environments such as rain, fog and snow.

This is a double advanced sensor

  • Highly sensitive thermal detector (384×288, 12μm, NETD=25mK).
  • High performance CMOS sensor and multi-channel display for a versatile experience.

High definition circular display:

  • 800×800 pixel circular IPS display for clear and comfortable display.
  • Eye relief of 100 mm for prolonged observation without visual fatigue.

Integrated Ballistic Calculation:

  • Ballistic calculus function for precise shots.
  • LRF integration for a precise distance.

Zero Endowment System for Image Change:

  • Ensure that the point of view remains focused.
  • Function of "zero shot" to facilitate the operation.

Powerful IR LighterThe following:

  • 850 NM IR Lighter with adjustable focus and alignment.
  • Night range up to 275 meters.

Improved User Interface:

  • Curved Icons for an instant understanding of the state of operation.
  • Giroscope and additional functions for a level shot.

Scenes and Image Modes:

  • 3 thermal scene modes and 6 color modes.
  • 4 image selection modes for night vision.

1000 metre LRF:

  • Distance gauge for precise measurements.

Additional functions:

  • Video recording activated by setback.
  • WiFi connectivity for real-time transmission and file sharing with the PardVision application.

Technical specifications:

  • Thermal sensor of 12 microns and 384px resolution.
  • 2K Pard 2560 x 1440px.
  • IPS circular display 800 x 800 the pixels.
  • Resistance to the IP67 weather.
  • Optical Magnification 5.6X.
  • 1000 meters LRF.
  • 6000J setback.

The Pard TD32-70 redefines the hunting experience, offering an integral tool with advanced features for demanding hunters.

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