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Practice carpet for adjustable height putts and turning holes

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The practice rug for putt, an essential tool for perfecting your putt game in golf. This rug is designed with unique features that will give you a top-quality training experience and help you reach new levels of accuracy and dexterity.

One of the outstanding features of this rug is its adjustable height, which allows you to adapt it to your preferences and practice needs. You can easily adjust the carpet height to simulate different putt distances and thus face varied challenges. This versatility will allow you to improve your putt skill in a wide range of scenarios, resulting in greater confidence and success in the green.

But that's not all. This rug also has of a kind used in motor vehicles, which adds an additional element of challenge to your training. You can adjust the position of the holes to create different difficulty levels and improve your ability to read and execute putts in various circumstances. What. This feature gives you the opportunity to develop adaptive skills and increase your accuracy in any game situation.

In addition, the carpet is equipped with a automatic ball return rail. What. Forget about having to pick up the ball after each stroke, as this ingenious mechanism will gently return the ball to you, allowing you to maintain a steady pace in your training and maximize the time spent improving your putt. This automatic feedback system also contributes to a smoother and seamless experience.

But that's not all. This rug has been designed with the player's comfort in mind. It has a practical storage for balls and sticks, which allows you to have all the necessary equipment at your fingertips during your practice sessions. No more interruptions to fetch your balls or clubs, everything will be organized and ready so that you can concentrate fully on your training.

With his of a kind used in motor vehicles, this rug offers you the possibility to practice putts on different slopes and terrain conditions. What. You can simulate smooth or challenging slopes, which will help you hone your reading and puttingting skills in any real game situation. This feature will allow you to develop greater control and precision, preparing you to face any challenge in the green. Size: 300 x 53 cm

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