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Equifirst Joint Support

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Equifirst Joint Support is a dietary supplement specifically designed to provide a optimal support for your horse's joints. What. This supplement combines four key ingredients: glucosamine, MSM, collagen and chondroitin, which work in synergy to promote equine joint health and well-being.

  • The glucosamine, one of the main ingredients in Equifirst Joint Support, it acts as a building material for cartilage and promotes synovial fluid production in the body. Research has shown that glucosamine can improve cartilage metabolism and contribute to joint flexibility.
  • The collagen, on the other hand, is an elongated fibrous protein found in abundance in connective tissue and cartilage. Their presence is essential for maintaining the flexibility and cushioning function of cartilage. Equifirst Joint Support ensures that your horse receives an adequate dose of collagen to maintain tissue integrity and prevent muscle stiffness.
  • MSM, also known as methyl sulphonylmethane, is an organic sulfur compound that is easily absorbed by the equine body. Sulfur plays a crucial role in the synthesis of collagen, a protein essential to the structure of connective tissue and cartilage. By providing a bioavailable source of sulphur, Equifirst Joint Support helps maintain joint health and elasticity.
  • The chondroitin, another important component in this supplement, also plays a key role in cartilage tissue. By working together with the other ingredients, chondroitin enhances the benefits to the joints, helping to maintain the integrity and strength of cartilage tissue.

In addition to its positive impact on the joints, Equifirst Joint Support also offers additional benefits for your horse. The supplement it helps to strengthen tendons and ligaments, thus improving the stability and strength of the limbs. Equifirst Joint Support also helps to maintain healthy helmets and promotes a beautiful, shiny coat. Size three kilos.

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