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The gun Walther Q4 SF PS 4"



The The gun Walther Q4 SF PS 4" is a police service pistol or concealed carry. He's got a great attitude, excelling in the balance thanks to its cannon and shorter slide. What. Both recoil and lift are minimal. The quick Defense (QD) trigger, with its short and energetic reset, allows repeating the shots at high speed and more accurately by not losing sight of the target.

The handle has a the texture of sheets of non-slip material and high-performance frameeu provides one premium grip and functional in all weather conditions. What. The tetrahedral texture provides a firm grip but respectful of skin and clothing. What. Other of the highlights of this version is the optimised barrel for a service pistol. What. This provides the shooter a greater grip height on the pistol, which reduces recoil. In addition, it is optimized for modern service covers with different retention levels, providing space for the different and most used anchoring systems.

In line with the above, another of the highlights of this version is the ribber optimized for a service pistol. This provides the shooter a greater grip height on the pistol, which reduces recoil. Besides, it's eitheroptimised for modern service cases with different retention levels, providing space for the different and most widely used anchorage systems

In terms of design, it has several features that bring different benefits. The smooth and rounded design allows to reduce irritation when using an Internal Waist Band (IWB). The a beveled tail adds to the comfort in the concealed carry. Regarding the sights system, in this version, we are talking about steel sights with 3 white dots, the rise is adjustable in drift. They're designed so they don't stick to clothes, they're optimized for concealed carry.

The pistol features a steel guide for the recoil spring and includes two 15-round magazines.


  • Gun of four
  • Slide with stripes in front and behind to operate the slide with great ease
  • Exceptional quick defense constant tension trigger with 2.5K of weight. It came out clean and clean. Very suitable for special forces and IPSC marksmen. The trigger tail with extra tongue gives you extra fall insurance
  • Height and aim steel with 3 white dots
  • Rail Picatinny MIL-STD-1913 for placing flashlight or laser
  • It comes with 2 15-round magazines and a power supply for the same
  • Ergonomically designed bed of non-slip material
  • Other, of circular cross-section

Technical data sheet

  • Cannon length: 4"
  • The caliber is 9mm. The Parabellum
  • Total length (mm): 188
  • Height (mm): 36
  • Height (mm): 137
  • Weight (g): 1125
  • Distance between sights (mm): 156
  • Color: black
  • Loading capacity: 15

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