Viewfinder Zeiss Victory V8 1.8-14x50 ASV-H ASV-S

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The viewfinder Zeiss Victory V8 1.8-14x50, with ASV-H ballistic turret and supplement ASV-S, it's perfect whether it's on a beat, a curve or a mountain large field of view of 23 m over 100 m with the least increase, the highest optical quality with relaxed eye distance and a reduced weight the V8 1.8-14x50 zEISS can be used in any situation. The sharpest and clearest point of light in the world can be used with great precision thanks to perfect ergonomics, while its compact design ensures the best handling. Besides, allows you to react quickly and with maximum flexibilityall to ensure success in the hunt. With outstanding optical quality, an extra-large eyebox for rapid target acquisition and the world's most accurate light spot, it makes an unrivalled companion for any hunting situation.


  • With ballistic turret ASV-H and supplement ASV-S in drift, to get more accurate shots at longer ranges.
  • Wide field of view: At the lower elevation, the field of view is at its widest point, allowing the hunter to see more of the surroundings. In general, a wide field of view allows rapid acquisition of a target and it gives the hunter as much perception as possible of the entire environment around the target.
  • Wide zoom rangeThe following: With the magnification ranging from 1.8x to 14x, this V8 would be considered ZEISS' most versatile aiming sight. Ideal for stalking, moving or night-time hunting, and even medium to long range shooting.
  • The most accurately illuminated spot in the world: It has an ultra-thin illuminated spot that minimally covers the white. This fiber optic system it provides the finest illuminated spot in the world: it only covers 3.3 millimeters of target at a distance of 100 meters, perfect for smaller targets and larger distances.
  • Bright image quality: The Ultra-FL concept contains several SCHOTT fluoride crystal elements for absolute color fidelity, brightness and clarity. This assures you a maximum detail reproduction, even in the most difficult conditions and the most challenging environments.
  • Coating of ZEISS T*: Makes images brighter and high contrast, which is especially useful in low-light and twilight conditions.
  • Clear vision, in any climatology: Lenses have a coating Other which allows a clear and free vision in all weather conditions.
  • Multifunction button: Its multifunction lighting control button is the most advanced grid lighting control system on the market. It can be operated quickly, easily and intuitively, even with gloves on. The illumination turns off automatically when the weapon is lowered, and reactivates the moment it is aimed again, this saves time and energy, making it easier to aim in any light condition.

Technical specifications:

  • Increase: 1.8 by 13.5.
  • The effective lens diameter is 18.6 50 mm.
  • Light transmittance is 92%.
  • The test shall be carried out in accordance with the procedure described in Appendix 1 to this annex.
  • Twilight factor is 5.1 26.
  • Field of view at 100 m: 23 3.1 m.
  • Objective viewing angle is 13.1° 1.8°.
  • Graduation adjustment range is -3.5 + 2 pt.
  • Ocular distance: 92 mm.
  • Parallax adjustment: 50 m-8.
  • Vertical adjustment range at 100 mm: 310 cm.
  • Side adjustment range at 100 m: 200 cm.
  • Click adjustment to 100 m: 1 cm.
  • The diameter of the central tube: 30 mm.
  • The measurements shall be carried out in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer.
  • The objective tube diameter is 56 mm.
  • LotuTec. Filling with nitrogen.
  • Airtightness is 400 mbar.
  • Operating temperature is -25°C.
  • Length: 343 mm.
  • Weight (without inner rail): 720 g.
  • Weight (with inner rail): 750 g.

Grids available:

  • Lighted Grid 54: Grid 54 is another of ZEISS' special grids. This improved version of the 0 grid is designed for fast and reliable firing with a minimum measure of target coverage. What. In addition to the horizontal bar, it also has reticular crosses that contain the illuminated ultrafine point. The horizontal bar is used for height correction when following the target, and protects against the tilt of the weapon. The reticular crosses allow him to quickly put the rifle on his shoulder and face the target, even without an illuminated point. A look at the coverage measure allows you to recognize how thin the illuminated spot is, at a factor increase of 12 it only covers 0.55 cm at a distance of 100 m. It's the finest, brightest spot in the world, a real landmark. The reticle is located in the background of the viewfinder image.
  • Lighted lattice 60: Grid 60 is lighter and thinner than Grid 40, widely used only a few years ago. The bars only have half the coverage measure of the previous models and the free space between them is double. So this lattice it's perfect for accurate shots with minimal target coverage. What. With a 12x magnification and a coverage measurement of only 0.55 cm at a distance of 100 m, you will always have an excellent overview; no detail will be missed. The illuminated spot is extremely bright, so it can also be used during daytime hunting. The brightness of the illuminated spot can be modulated very finely, making it also perfect for night hunting. The reticle is located in the background of the viewfinder image.
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