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Manufacture from materials of any heading Zaldi 2G completed

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The chair Cowgirl Zaldi 2GB complete has the following characteristics:

  • The New Taco-Musler System of Zaldi inserted inside the cowboy chair, which allows us maximum adjustment and grip without losing the seat
  • In the event of a fall, the rider can get out of the chair without being trapped, as in other conventional chairs.
  • It has a deep seat with an elevated shell that prevents the rider from going backwards in the different movements that the rider can perform in his work, especially designed for harassment and downing.
  • Manufactured with a high-density, high-strength and long-lasting fibre armor (with a 10-year warranty). With minimal weight without punishment for the horse's back.
  • Smart double-deck, research and experience-based T&T innovation Zaldi. What. It's just three layers of stuffing, two outer layers of wool and a wide inner layer of smart latex rubber that recovers its shape after use. Great comfort and durability.
  • You can choose between a traditional cowherd harness or a harness whip, with a first elastic whip that facilitates movements and does not decrease the horse's chest capacity. Releasing pressure from the back. Second whip on V-System, attach the entire chair to the horse, avoiding rocking without putting pressure on his back. The old cowgirl strap held the chair by a single point forward and unstable, as it danced backward and forward inside the chair. With the application of the harness belt, the chair is held by 3 points (front, middle, back) achieving a fixed and complete grip.
  • You can choose between an antique cowgirl stepper or a safety cowgirl stepper (patented by ZALDI), the system that prevents the horse from falling.
  • The traditional cowboy-style backrest can be adjusted at 2 points, on the inside of the chair and underneath for faster adjustment.



* Seat lengths from shell to knob:
- 40cm... Riders under 1.60m tall and up to 65kg.
it's a foot. Riders 1.60 to 1.75 meters tall and up to 80 kg.
- 50cm... Riders over 1.75m tall and over 80kg.

* Size below: 55 cm, 60 cm or 65 cm.

* Support area of the frame on the horse's back: 50 cm, 55 cm, 60 cm.

* Shell: 37 cm by 21 cm

* Weight: 9 kg

* Weight of equipment: 3,8 kg (action, iron stirrup, belt and baton).

It is supplied withThe following:


    • I'M ON MY WAY. When you put the chair on the horse, it doesn't seem to fit anything. It takes some adjustment time!
    • ONE TO 15 MINUTES. We pinch, even though it's wide and doesn't seem to fit yet. There is no need to despair! We got on the horse...
    • 15 TO 60 MINUTES. They begin to distribute the rods over the back where they should really support. We even see that we can already lower a couple of buckle points.
    • 5 TO 10 HOURS OF MOUNTING. As we ride the saddle, it adapts, putting everything into place, distributing our weight on the horse's back. We can tighten the belt more...
    • MORE THAN 15 HOURS OF MOUNTING. We observe an ideal fit, both ours with the chair and its where and how it rests on the horse's back. They shall play the drums only in the place suitable for their function. It'll allow for a tight strap.


The chair Zaldi 2G Complete includes if you have any further questions on this subject, please contact your doctor or pharmacist.- A retractable heel system that allows you to adjust the position to your exact size, looking for the optimal tilt for a total thigh fit.
This system allows you to be more relaxed and free of pressure, achieving maximum control over the horse, something highly beneficial for both the rider and the horse.
You can place your Taco-Muslera in two positions:
- Flat position now.
- Curved position.
The main advantages of Taco-Muslera:
- Free knees: when restrained in the thigh, the knees are free and the pressure acts on the middle third of the thigh, which allows us to perform aids and supports with complete ease.
- Easy placement: this taco-muslera is very easy to change. In addition to the Flat and Curve positions, it also allows finding the perfect placement by combining positions by joining 12 points. You will have different placement options both in height and in horizontal positioning, until you find the one that fits you perfectly.

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