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Carbine Gamo Black 1000 Maxxim + View 4x32WR


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The carbine Gamo Black 1000 Maxxim,with system SWA and SAT for adults.

july 24 of power, the maximum allowable.

With systems SWASAT and a new one maxxim cannon for a ultra silent on the shot.



  • Length 110 cm.
  • Weight 2.5 kg
  • Cal output speed 4.5 mm 305 m/s
  • Cal output speed 5.5 mm 220 m/s

Technical specifications

  • The system SAT (smooth action trigger): The trigger in a first stage slides gently to achieve a cleaner and more accurate shot in the second stage.
  • Noise reduction.
  • More speed and penetration.
  • Extremely durable device.
  • The system SWA (shock wave absorber): Increases recoil absorption in the shot.
  • The system Maxxim, the silence of the shooting.
  • It's a shotgun.
  • Striped cannon.
  • Two-stroke shot.
  • Load insurance.
  • Culata: Modern synthetic ambidextrous cuff, which dramatically improves grip thanks to its new chekering.
    • The rubber grips.
    • Ergonomically designed.
    • It's synthetic.


Optics specially designed to reduce glare.
It ensures a wide field of view, with high performance even in low light conditions.
It includes frames integrated into the visor and adjustment screws, for maximum precision regulation.

Manufactured in a single piece of anodised aluminium, with a matte black finish.

Triple protection for both body and lens: resistant to water, condensed air and shock.

Grid 30/30, one of the most used for hunting.

Technical specifications:

- Zoom4x
- Diameter: 32 mm
- The lattice: 30/30
- Weight: 400 g
- Length: 33 mm

Buen producto
rating 5
Es una carabina que tiene una buena potencia he conseguido unas buenas agrupaciones el sistema de miras es muy bueno.
Question: Este modelo es de cañon fijo o es de carga de muelle comolas de toda la vida. Gracias
Answer: Hola, la carabina Gamo Black 1000 Maxxim, su sistema de carga consiste en doblar el cañón, el sistema clásico de siempre.
Álvarez, sport and free time
Question: ¿Es de muelle o IGT?
Answer: Hola, este modelo es de sistema de recarga de muelle.
Álvarez, sport and free time
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